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Instagram Drops IGTV Button From The App
Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos, but due to limitations, the duration of the videos uploaded to Instagram are capped. This is also why Instagram decided to launch IGTV, a spin-off platform in which it would be dedicated towards longer form videos, perhaps in a bid to better compete with the likes of YouTube.

Instagram Reportedly Fact-Checking Photoshopped Images On Its Platform
Instagram is a platform where users share photos. It is also where photographers and other creatives use it as a medium where they can showcase their portfolio to prospective clients. However, it seems that it could soon get a lot trickier for some to use the platform in that manner.

Instagram Now Supports Direct Messaging On Web
Instagram is mostly used by smartphone users. However, while working or just being active on the desktop, it can be quite annoying to pick up your smartphone and respond to Instagram messages.So, to make it convenient, Instagram will roll out direct messaging support on the web version as well.You can already do a lot of things on the web version but you did not have the ability to send direct […]

Samsung Sero Rotating TV Closer To a Global Launch
The Samsung Sero TV has debuted in South Korea as a concept device, but at CES 2020, it seems ever closer to becoming a full-on product with future global availability.


Facebook, Instagram Will Ban Influencers From Promoting Vaping And Guns
When it comes to ads related to guns and vaping, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have banned them. However, there used to be a loophole where companies who made these products could pay social media influencers to promote them in their posts, which is sort of an ad but done in a different manner.

You Can Now Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories allow users to upload one photo per Story. However, if you’re trying to create a collage effect, you would essentially need to create it separately and then upload it where it would basically be treated as a single photo. The problem with this method is that you can’t really make changes once you’ve already created the collage.

Instagram’s AI Will Warn You Against Posting Offensive Captions
With social media being so easy to access and anyone can post and say anything, sometimes people end up saying things they don’t mean or say things without thinking about how it might affect the person reading it. Instagram seems to have a new feature that could give you some pause.

Instagram Has A New Tool To Fight Against Fake News And Misinformation
Due to the ease of being able to share a post on social media at a click (or several clicks) of a button, it’s not surprising that in our zeal to share information with those around us that sometimes, some of us might accidentally share information that isn’t 100% accurate, or in some cases, flat out fake.

FTC Might Block Facebook From Merging Its Messaging Apps
As many of you know, Facebook owns several prominent social media platforms and messaging apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. For the most part, they have all managed to stay separate and somewhat independent of each other. However, earlier this year it was reported that Facebook could actually be planning on unifying them.

Here’s How Instagram Uses AI To Help You Explore Content
How do you get the perfect recommendations while you try to explore new content on Instagram?It looks like Instagram wants to share how it uses AI to help you explore the best content while keeping you safe from unwanted posts.It discusses the technical details on its latest Facebook blog post about Machine Learning applications. Here, we just give you an overview of what’s mentioned.Specifically, it talks about the “Explore” content […]

Facebook Is Testing An Instagram-Like Feature For Its Platform
While Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are very different platforms from each other, over the years, we’ve seen how Facebook has attempted to try and introduce similar features to each of its products. For example, Stories is one of those features where we’ve seen it applied across all three apps.

Instagram To Test Hiding Liking Counts On A Global Scale
If there is a reason why people do silly things on social media it is because of the “likes”, which in a way validates what they have done. However, as you might have heard, Instagram had previously started to toy around the idea of hiding likes on its platform, where it basically hid the number of likes a post got.

Instagram Takes On TikTok With New App ‘Reels’
Apps tend to trend every now and then, and for a while back, Snapchat was one of the more popular apps around. While it is still very popular, there is a new-ish app that has kind of taken over in the form of TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar, TikTok is basically an app where users can lip-sync and dance to pre-recorded music and share those videos online.

Facebook And Instagram Get New Features To Fight Fake News
Fake news can be a huge problem these days in this day and age of social media. This is because of how fast social media posts can spread where they can be shared and reshared hundreds, if not thousands of times in very little time. Of course, not everyone sharing fake news is doing it on purpose.