How To Go Live On Instagram

In this article, we will tell you how to go live on Instagram. The process is pretty straightforward but it comes with its own niggles. We will also address some of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram live.

How To Block Someone On Instagram

Is there someone that’s stalking your Instagram profile? Is there one particular user that keeps leaving nasty and unwanted comments on your post? If you are being harassed, here’s how you can go about blocking someone from your Instagram account.

Database Of Instagram Influencers And Celebrities Leaked

Storing contact information in a database makes a lot of sense, but what would make even more sense is if that database was password protected. Unfortunately, that was not the case with a database that contained contact information of millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities, and brand accounts.

Instagram Adds Stories To The Explore Section

Instagram’s Explore section is great for discovering new content on the network outside of the accounts that you already follow. According to the company, it’s used by more than 50 percent of accounts on Instagram every month. The Facebook-owned company today announced new designs for Explore. It has also added Stories to Explore with this latest revamp which is in line with the goal of making it easier for users […]


Instagram Is Killing Off Its Standalone Direct Message App

Instagram has a direct messaging feature built into its app, also known as Direct. For some reason, the company decided that it was a good idea to launch a dedicated and standalone version of the feature which resulted in app known as Direct. Turns out that maybe it was not as popular as Instagram would have liked because it looks like they’re killing it off.

Instagram Testing Stickers With Song Lyrics

It’s usual for Instagram to test out new features before deciding whether or not they will be rolled out to the public. We often hear about some of these features as they’re being tested. It appears that Instagram is now testing a new feature for stickers in Instagram Stories. It will enable users to apply stickers with song lyrics in their stories.

Instagram To Block Hashtags That Spread Anti-Vaccination Misinformation

Not long after taking some much-needed steps to prevent the flow of anti-vaccination misinformation on Facebook, the company is now putting similar measures in place for Instagram, the popular photo-sharing network that it owns. According to the company, Instagram will now hide search results for hashtags that consistently provide false information about vaccines.

Facebook Is Coming For Fake News Posted On Instagram

Facebook has been working on clamping down on fake news published to its platform, and now it looks like they’ll be going after fake news posts shared on Instagram as well. While Instagram might not necessarily have the same fake news problem as Facebook, the fact that it is a social media platform means that it gives users a place to potentially spread fake news.

Facebook Will Soon Let Users Chat Across Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Facebook could be looking to unify some of its apps. This included WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger where the idea was that by unifying them, users could chat across them all at once. This is versus the current situation where each app is standalone and more or less separate from each other.

Instagram Will Test Hiding Public Like Counts In Canada

It was reported recently that Instagram might try out hiding public like counts on posts and the Facebook-owned company has now confirmed that it’s indeed considering such a test. Instagram confirmed at the F8 developers’ conference today that a new feature will enter trials this week which will hide users’ public like counts on photos and videos. This test will initially be limited to users in Canada.

Watch This Chimpanzee Browse Instagram On An iPhone Like A Normal Person

Tech and animals don’t always go so well together, namely due to the fact that tech has been designed for humans and animals don’t usually understand the purpose of them. However, recently in a video shared on Instagram by Mike Holston (@therealtarzann), it shows a chimpanzee browsing Instagram on an iPhone like a normal person.

Instagram Could Be Testing A Co-Watching Feature

One of the features of Facebook is its Watch Together feature where users can watch Facebook videos “together”, kind of like if you were gathered around in real-life. It looks like Instagram is now testing out the feature as well, according to a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong who shared screenshots of the feature in action.

Instagram Might Soon Hide ‘Like’ Counts From Audiences

It’s starting to feel that a reason why people post on social media these days is for the “likes”, which is basically a way of validating oneself, where popularity is judged by the number of likes a post gets. However, in a somewhat controversial move, it seems that Instagram is testing out a change in its user interface where likes will be hidden from your audience.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Have Another Outage

For the second time within a month, Facebook’s three core services were down yet again. Reports starting coming in early this morning that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down for users in several parts of the world. Users were unable to message each other and it was also not possible to load new content.