Instagram Testing Separate Tab For Older Posts

Back in July, Instagram launched a feature called “You’re All Caught Up” which is basically a digital wellness initiative where the idea is that once you’ve gone through all the new posts by the people you follow, you can put your phone away and not be tempted to keep scrolling. However despite rolling out such a feature, Instagram seems intent on putting out new features that could contradict it.

Instagram Co-Founder Has ‘No Hard Feelings’ About Facebook Exit

Kevin Systrom is one of the co-founders of Instagram. He remained with the company when the photo-sharing network was acquired by Facebook. He has spent a few years at the company but his recent exit took many by surprise. It came amid reports that the Instagram co-founders were at odds with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about their vision for the platform going forward. Systrom has addressed his exit for the […]

Instagram Testing New Ways Of Navigating Your Feed

If you’ve ever used Instagram’s Stories before, then you probably know how to navigate them. For those who don’t, basically you tap the left or right side to move through multiple Stories from a single user, or swipe left or right to go from user to user. Now it looks like Instagram wants to bring that navigation style to its feed.

Instagram To Use Machine Learning To Spot Bullying In Photos

Bullying and harassment online is unfortunately more common than we’d like, although Instagram has introduced various tools to help keep such bullying out of the comments section. However what if the bullying was done in a photo where regular filters can’t pick up on it? That’s an area that Instagram plans to address using machine learning.


Instagram Now Supports Two-Factor Authentication Apps

Two-factor authentication is a pretty popular method of protecting one’s account these days. For those unfamiliar with how it works, usually once your username and password has been entered, a one-time generated code will be sent to your phone to verify who you say you are, thus preventing accounts from being compromised based purely on password alone.

Instagram Stories Will Split Longer Videos Into Segments

Instagram Stories were designed to be short and sweet. However there are users who might prefer uploading videos, and the good news is that Stories will now support that, sort of. Before this, Stories were limited to 15 seconds per clip, anything longer and users were forced the trim the videos themselves.

Instagram Testing Sharing Your Location History With Facebook

Several years ago, there was a fuss when Facebook announced that WhatsApp data would be shared between both platforms. Given that Facebook owns WhatsApp, it made sense, but at the same time it also seemed like a huge privacy concern as not everyone who uses WhatsApp necessarily uses Facebook.

Instagram Launches Nametags To Easily Follow People You Actually Meet

Following someone new on Instagram doesn’t require more than a tap. You come across someone’s profile and if you want to follow them, you just tap on that blue button. It’s a bit difficult following someone you meet in real life. You first have to search for them and if you don’t catch their username properly, it can be quite difficult. This is what Instagram is making easier with the […]

Stolen Fortnite Accounts Being Sold On Instagram

Most of us use Instagram for its intended purpose, sharing photos and videos, but it appears that others are using it for something else entirely. According to a new report, hackers are utilizing Instagram’s massive reach to sell stolen Fortnite accounts. Spotify accounts are also being sold in addition to access to botnets that are designed to launch distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Instagram Co-Founders Resign From Facebook

Instagram was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom back in 2010. The photo-sharing service has come a very long way in under a decade. It was acquired for $1 billion in 2012 by Facebook. The social networking giant’s deeper pockets and reach have enabled Instagram to further increase its popular across the globe. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom have now announced that they have resigned from Facebook.

Instagram Is Improving Its Browser App With Notifications

Instagram is usually best accessed via its mobile app. However the social network does have a web presence, although admittedly the web version of Instagram is a very poor substitute for the mobile version. However it appears that Instagram is working to change that, and one of those ways is by introducing notifications.

Instagram Denies They Are Developing A Regramming Feature

Regramming is something that Instagrammers have been doing for a while now. For those unfamiliar, it basically involves users reuploading a photo posted by something else on their Instagram account. However despite the popularity of this practice, Instagram has yet to officially make it a native feature.

Instagram Now Lets Users Send GIFs In Direct

While emojis are a good way of expressing your feelings without words, sometimes they aren’t enough and that’s where GIFs come in handy, where you can share your feeling and thoughts in fun and animated ways. For those who use Instagram and would like to see GIF support, you’re in luck, sort of.

Instagram Testing New Hashtags & Geofencing Features

Whenever you come across an Instagram post, sometimes it can look messy as it has been peppered with a ton of hashtags in a bid to try and get the post to reach as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps in a bid to clean things up, it has been discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong that Instagram is testing a way to hide hashtags in captions.