Here’s How Instagram Uses AI To Help You Explore Content
How do you get the perfect recommendations while you try to explore new content on Instagram?It looks like Instagram wants to share how it uses AI to help you explore the best content while keeping you safe from unwanted posts.It discusses the technical details on its latest Facebook blog post about Machine Learning applications. Here, we just give you an overview of what’s mentioned.Specifically, it talks about the “Explore” content […]

Facebook Is Testing An Instagram-Like Feature For Its Platform
While Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are very different platforms from each other, over the years, we’ve seen how Facebook has attempted to try and introduce similar features to each of its products. For example, Stories is one of those features where we’ve seen it applied across all three apps.

Instagram To Test Hiding Liking Counts On A Global Scale
If there is a reason why people do silly things on social media it is because of the “likes”, which in a way validates what they have done. However, as you might have heard, Instagram had previously started to toy around the idea of hiding likes on its platform, where it basically hid the number of likes a post got.

Instagram Takes On TikTok With New App ‘Reels’
Apps tend to trend every now and then, and for a while back, Snapchat was one of the more popular apps around. While it is still very popular, there is a new-ish app that has kind of taken over in the form of TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar, TikTok is basically an app where users can lip-sync and dance to pre-recorded music and share those videos online.


Facebook And Instagram Get New Features To Fight Fake News
Fake news can be a huge problem these days in this day and age of social media. This is because of how fast social media posts can spread where they can be shared and reshared hundreds, if not thousands of times in very little time. Of course, not everyone sharing fake news is doing it on purpose.

Instagram Wants To Help You Decide Who To Unfollow
If you’re an avid Instagram user, chances are that you might end up following hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Eventually, you start to forget who you are following and probably don’t see the majority of those people on your feed. If you’re looking to help trim some of the fat, Instagram could be looking to lend a helping hand.

Instagram Has Come Up With A New Way To Tackle Phishing Scams
More often than not, you come across popular Instagrammers who might have their accounts hacked and taken over. This can happen in many ways, one of which involves phishing scams where an email, supposedly from Instagram, is sent to the victim, where they might fall for it and give away their login details.

Instagram For iOS Updated With Dark Mode Support
One of the main changes that Apple has brought to iOS 13 is dark mode. While dark mode isn’t a new thing, it seems to be gaining in popularity in the recent years where we’ve started to see more developers introducing dark mode as one of the options that users can choose from. If you’re a fan of dark mode, then you might be interested in Instagram’s latest update.

Instagram’s Controversial ‘Following’ Activity Tab Is Now Gone
One of the features Instagram has had for quite a while now is the Following activity tab. Basically, this allows users to see what the people they’re following is up to, which includes likes, follow activity, and even comments. This has been a somewhat controversial feature as it can be used as a tool to spy on others.

Facebook’s Dead ‘Group Stories’ Finds A New Home On Instagram
group storiesBack in 2018, Facebook launched a feature for its platform in the form of Group Stories, where users could post Stories that would be only available in Groups. However, the feature must not have been particularly well-received because just last month, Facebook announced that they would be killing off the feature.

Instagram To Use AR To Help Boost Its Shopping Platform
Instagram had initially started as a platform for users to share photos with each other, but it has since grown to become more than just that. It has become a platform where businesses can use it to announce upcoming products or services, and in some instances, even allow users to shop on it.

Instagram’s ‘Restrict’ Feature Will Help Users Fight Against Bullies
Online harassment is a real problem that social media platforms have been trying to fight against to protect their users. It looks like Instagram could have a potential solution because the company has announced that they will be rolling out a new feature for its platform in the form of “Restrict”.

Instagram Launches New ‘Threads’ Messaging App
Earlier this year, Instagram decided to kill off its Direct messaging app. In case you didn’t know, Direct was a standalone app designed for users to message each other through the platform. However, following the discontinuation of the app, we heard reports that Instagram had a new messaging app in the works called Threads.

How To Download Photos From Instagram
See a photo that you like on Instagram that you would like to save? Here are several methods that you can use to actually download and save Instagram photos.