Instagram Might Soon Hide ‘Like’ Counts From Audiences

It’s starting to feel that a reason why people post on social media these days is for the “likes”, which is basically a way of validating oneself, where popularity is judged by the number of likes a post gets. However, in a somewhat controversial move, it seems that Instagram is testing out a change in its user interface where likes will be hidden from your audience.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Have Another Outage

For the second time within a month, Facebook’s three core services were down yet again. Reports starting coming in early this morning that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down for users in several parts of the world. Users were unable to message each other and it was also not possible to load new content.

Instagram ‘Stole’ A User’s Handle And Gave It To The British Royalty

Just like domain names, a good and easy to remember Instagram handle can help make your brand more recognizable. Usually it is a first-come-first-serve kind of deal with usernames, but it seems that Instagram decided to take advantage of their position by “stealing” the handle of one of its users and gave it to the British royal family.

Instagram Testing Seek Bar For Videos

You wouldn’t think that a seek bar for videos would warrant a post in this day and age. You would expect that functionality to be present from the get go since it makes sense on a platform that hosts videos. While videos make up a significant chunk of content on Instagram, the Facebook-owned company has only just started testing a seek bar for video.


Developer Uses AI To Turn Himself Into An Influencer To Score Free Meals

Being an online influencer seems like a great gig. You get to score free products and get paid to advertise them too, whether it be makeup products, electronics, clothing, or food. This was something that developer Chris Buetti wanted to achieve, but yet he was lacking some of the soft skills required to be an influencer, such as the ability to take nice photos and “creating content people enjoy”.However he […]

Checkout On Instagram Lets You Shop Within The App

There’s no shortage of people hawking stuff on Instagram. Whether it’s a fitness model you follow who’s promoting a diet tea or a clothing brand showcasing its latest range. It’s a platform which may influence your next shopping decision. That’s why Instagram has been building out shopping features on the platform with Checkout on Instagram being the latest one. It will enable users to shop for products without having to […]

How To Repost And Reshare Content On Instagram

We’ve all come across funny or inspirational photos or videos on Instagram before, and if you’d like to share that on your own profile, there are a couple of different ways you can go about it and here they are.

Facebook’s Outage Was Due To Server Configuration Change

Just yesterday the entire world was thrown for a loop when Facebook’s various products and services, including Facebook itself, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down. It was unclear as to what had happened, but for those who might have been worried that it was some kind of attack on Facebook, it turns out it was nothing more than a server configuration change.

Facebook And Instagram Are Down In Some Parts Across The Globe

It’s not uncommon for major platforms like Facebook and Instagram to have some downtime and normally it doesn’t take them very long to come back up. Reports are coming in from several markets across the globe this morning that Facebook and Instagram are down for users. Facebook and Instagram have not yet commented on the matter so there’s no official version of events as yet.

US Government Proposes Using Social Media To Catch Disability Fraud

Social media is where we post and share a lot of things, such as status updates, photos, check-ins, and more. Sometimes we end up sharing things that give away more information about us than we would like, and the US government is apparently hoping to capitalize on that by using social media to catch people committing disability fraud.

Facebook Cracking Down On Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook announced this week that it’s going to reduce the reach of anti-vaccine content on the world’s largest social network. Such content will no longer be allowed to be promoted through recommendations or advertisements and will also be made less prominent in search results. These are the actions that it’s taking short of taking down anti-vaccine posts entirely.

Residents Of Famous Paris Street Want Gates To Keep Instagrammers Away

It’s difficult to keep hidden gems hidden in this social media age. That’s something that residents of Paris’ Rue Crémieux are well aware of. It’s a picturesque, car-less cobblestone street that’s lined with pastel-colored homes. It’s the kind of street an Instagrammer would like, and they do, a lot of them. So much so that the residents have now demanded that the city install gates to keep Instagrammers away.

JetBlue Gives You A Chance To Win Free Flights For Wiping Your Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks out there. Many of its users live their lives on the network, uploading pictures of their breakfast to their workouts and everything in between. JetBlue’s latest promotion involves having users break their Instagram habit. The contest provides three lucky winners the chance to fly free for a year provided they wipe their Instagram account.

Instagram Could Be Thinking Of Taking Pinterest On With ‘Collections’

Instagram contains a ton of posts that are interesting, such as restaurants that you might want to check out, places you want to visit, shops you might want to buy something from, and so on. This is why a couple of years ago Instagram launched a Bookmarks feature that let users save posts into a private collection.