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Instagram Testing Out Revamped Stories Design For Desktop
Instagram has been designed as a mobile app and as such, a lot of the features are more optimized for smartphones. While you can browse Instagram on your computer, its UI feels more like a larger version of the mobile app, which is less than ideal. However, Instagram is taking steps to change that.

The New Instagram Lite App Only Comes In At 2MB
Not all countries around the world have access to fast and stable internet, this is why some companies have developed “lite” versions of their apps that have a smaller footprint to appeal to users living in such regions. Now it looks like Instagram is back with its new “lite” app that weighs in at an impressive 2MB.

Instagram Now Supports Apple’s ProRAW
One of the new features that Apple introduced with its latest iPhones is a new “format” called ProRAW, although to be fair, it’s not really a new format, but rather it is based on the RAW image format. Some had initially wondered about it, and whether or not it would only usable between iOS and Mac devices, but it turns out that won’t be the case.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram Functionality Limited In Europe
If you live in Europe and you use Facebook messaging and social media platforms like Messenger or Instagram, you might have noticed that you are seeing a message about how those apps are now having some limited functionality. If you do, you’re not alone because it seems that this is applied to all users in Europe.


The FTC Wants To Break Up Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram
It is no secret that Facebook is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, social media platform at the moment. Facebook plays home to a billion users, and it also owns other popular platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Now it seems that the FTC is feeling that maybe Facebook has too much of a monopoly on social media, and wants to break them up.

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private
Platforms like Instagram allow us to share photos and our daily lives, which is great at helping friends and family keep up with you, but what if you didn’t want the rest of the internet finding out what you’ve been up to? Here’s how you can keep your Instagram profile private.

Facebook Messenger And Instagram Get Disappearing Messages
It used to be that messages you sent were pretty much permanent, but the trend we’re seeing in the past few years are messages that can be unsent or sent temporarily before they self-destruct. For those who use Instagram or Facebook Messenger, you’ll be pleased to learn that those features are now available for you.

Instagram Stops Trying To Be Nice With Its Latest Anti-Bullying Features
Online harassment and cyberbullying is getting out of control. We’ve seen so many lives needlessly lost as people commit suicide as a result of non-stop harassment from their peers or strangers online. This is why social media platforms like Instagram have taken steps to ensure that will not happen, or at least reduce its occurrence.

Instagram’s DMs Have Officially Merged With Messenger
We have been hearing a while about Facebook’s potential plans to merge some of its messaging services together. Back in August, Facebook started to merge Instagram’s DMs with Facebook Messenger, and now according to an announcement by the company, it looks like the merge has been officially completed.

Instagram Bug Would Have Allowed Hackers To Take Over Your Smartphone
It would seem that Instagram had a particularly nasty bug on their hands when cybersecurity researchers at Check Point Security discovered that this bug, when exploited, would have allowed a hacker to take over the victim’s phone. Yup, the entire phone, not just their Instagram account.

Lawsuit Alleges Instagram Is Spying On You Through Your Camera
Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a rather unnerving and uncanny way of surfacing ads on products that you talk about with to your friends, to the point where some have floated conspiracy theories that these companies are actually spying on users through their cameras and microphones.

Could Instagram Start Charging To Allow Links In Captions?
One of the annoying things about Instagram is that it doesn’t support links in captions. This means whenever creators put a link, you’d need to memorize it and type it in yourself. Creators have since had to resort to alternatives, such as putting links in bio, but it’s hardly the most ideal situation.

Facebook Testing Viewing Instagram Stories Directly On Its Platform
Facebook has long allowed Instagram users to post Stories on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time in a bid to help build momentum for Facebook Stories. However, the problem is that Instagram Stories shared to Facebook can only be viewed by your Facebook friends and followers, as opposed to Instagram followers.

Instagram Just Made It Easier For Businesses To Be Discovered
Many companies these days have social media presences across the major platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, finding these businesses usually involves users having to type the name into Instagram to look for them, which is perfectly fine, although we imagine that some users might be too lazy to do so.

Facebook Is Unifying Messenger With Instagram DMs
Facebook owns multiple communications apps. This includes Messenger, WhatsApp, and we suppose to a certain extent, Instagram through the direct messages feature. All of them exist by themselves, but back in 2019, it was suggested that Facebook was trying to find a way to potentially unify them where users could send messages cross-platform.

Instagram Testing Replacing Search With Reels
Instagram recently launched a new feature that’s part of its service called Reels. This is Instagram’s version and answer to TikTok, although given that it is buried within Instagram which is already packed full of features, we imagine that it might be a bit hard for users to find out how to use it.

Instagram Kept Your Deleted Photos And Messages Longer Than You’d Like
When you delete something, it’s almost always not necessarily a guarantee that it is deleted for good. This is the same for hard drives and also online services, where companies can take a while to actually fully delete your deleted photos or messages from their services, but how long is too long?

Instagram Wants Suspicious Accounts To Verify Themselves
It is not that hard to create a new social media account. All you would really need is an email address and you’re pretty much good to go. The ease of signing up is designed to make it so that users won’t have to jump through hoops in order to create a social media account, and the more accounts a platform has, the better it looks for their numbers.

Instagram Reels Has Now Launched Worldwide
At the moment, TikTok’s fate hangs in the balance. US President Donald Trump had previously sought to ban the app outright, but later had a slight change of heart where he gave the app 45 days to seek a buyer from the US to save itself. Last we heard, Microsoft is the forerunner as one of the companies that could acquire them.

Instagram Is Throwing Money At Creators To Lure Them Over From TikTok
Instagram is working on a TikTok competitor in the form of Reels. The app has launched in several markets and is expected to find its way stateside next month. However, will it manage to be as popular as TikTok? While it’s hard to say if it will, it seems that Instagram is doing everything they can to make that happen.