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Instagram Testing Putting ‘Suggested Posts’ In Your Main Feed
Your feed on Instagram is basically a collection of posts made by people that you follow. It is also algorithmically sorted where it will be based on posts Instagram thinks you’re more interested in. However, Instagram could soon be adding “Suggested Posts” into the mix, according to a small experiment the company is running.

You Can Now Share Tweets Directly To Instagram Stories
In the past, if you wanted to share a tweet on Instagram, you would usually need to take a screenshot of that tweet and post it either on your feed or in your Instagram Stories. This is a bit of a long-winded method and you might end up with a bunch of screenshots taking up space on your phone.

Your Instagram Reels Are About To Get Invaded By Ads
Instagram is free which means that in order to make money, the company has to sell ads. The company has already inserted ads into its feed and also Stories, and now it looks like if you’ve been enjoying Instagram’s Reels, those are about to be invaded by ads as well, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing them.

Instagram Launches New Group Fundraising Feature
Want to help raise funds for someone or people that are in need? In the past, you might have to turn to platforms like Gofundme for group funding, but for those who prefer using Instagram, it seems that the platform has rolled out a new group fundraising feature that will help you raise money on a larger scale.


How To View Instagram Without Ads
Not a fan of seeing ads in your Instagram feed? If you want to view Instagram without having to deal with ads, then you might be interested in checking out this workaround that lets you enjoy Instagram like the good old ad-free days.

Instagram And Facebook Launch Feature To Hide Like Counts
Likes on a Facebook or Instagram post can be a useful metric to gauge roughly how many people might have seen it or interacted with it. However, some argue that chasing likes can be distracting and takes away from the original point of posting, although some might also argue that chasing likes is one of the main reasons why people post in the first place.

Instagram Could Use WhatsApp To Send 2FA Codes
One of the better methods of security for logging in would be to use 2FA. This basically adds an additional layer of security so that in the event a hacker guesses your password, they won’t be able to get in without the 2FA code. For the most part, 2FAs are sent over SMS, but Instagram is exploring something else.

Instagram Could Soon Allow Users To Upload Photos From Desktop
For the longest time, the only way you could upload photos to Instagram is through the mobile app. While there might be third-party solutions and workarounds to upload from your desktop to Instagram, none of this is official, but that could be changing soon, at least according to a recent discovery by developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

Facebook Messenger And Instagram Direct Won’t Be Getting End-To-End Encryption So Soon
A lot of messaging apps these days are getting end-to-end encryption or already have it. It seems like a very standard feature that most people can expect, but it turns out that Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct won’t be getting that feature anytime soon, according to a post by Facebook.

Facebook And Instagram Are Encouraging iOS Users To Enable App Tracking
With the release of iOS 14.5, Apple has introduced its App Tracking Transparency feature that basically gives users the option of whether or not they want an app to be able to track them. It doesn’t kill tracking completely, but rather it puts the choice in the hands of users, which is a good thing as far as privacy is concerned.

Instagram Takes On Clubhouse With Audio-Only Livestreams
Right now, Clubhouse has become the social network to beat. The platform, which launched last year exclusive to iOS devices and is invite-only, has blossomed and become a popular place for people to hang out and have discussions. It has also managed to capture the attention of many other platforms who started copying its features.

Facebook Might Build A Kid-Friendly Version Of Instagram
Recently, Instagram updated itself where the social media platform introduced some features designed to help protect its younger users. However, what better way to keep kids away from the unwanted advances of adults by creating a social network that’s just kids only, right? Turns out Facebook could be thinking about it.

Instagram Is Making Itself A Safer Space For Its Younger Users
The internet can be a scary place where sometimes you don’t necessarily know who it is that you’re talking to online. They might claim to be a certain person, but it’s easy to put on a mask and claim to be someone else. Instagram is aware of these dangers and have announced some changes to its platform that will hopefully make it safer for younger users to use.

Instagram Introduces Automatic Captioning For Stories
Having captions in videos is useful and is a great accessibility feature. We’ve seen similar features offered in video platforms such as YouTube, and now it looks like Facebook-owned Instagram is hoping to introduce something similar as well to its Stories feature. This is according to a discovery by Matt Navarra who shared his findings on Twitter.

Apple Music Is Getting More Social With Lyrics Sharing
How do you find out about songs or bands you’ve never heard of before? There are many ways, such as hearing it used as background music in a TV show or movie, hearing it on radio, or being recommended by a friend. Social media can also be a good way about finding and discovering new tunes.

Instagram’s Algorithms Will No Longer Promote Reels With TikTok’s Watermark
As some of you might have heard or noticed by now, Instagram has launched its own version of TikTok called Reels. However, despite the feature being there, there are some users who still prefer to record their videos using TikTok and then upload to both platforms at once, which makes sense as far as social media reach is concerned.

Instagram Could Be Looking To Borrow A TikTok Feature
For those who use Instagram and have browsed Stories, you know that moving from one Story to the other is basically tapping to the left or the right of your display. TikTok, on the other hand, employs a different method of navigation where users scroll down to move from one TikTok video to another.

Instagram Launches New Feature To Better Protect Users Against Account Takeovers
More often than not, we come across many instances of people having their Instagram accounts hacked and taken over and have its contents deleted. Since we don’t always keep backups of the photos we share on Instagram, this can be a devastating loss for some who might have amassed a huge following and a ton of posts.

Apparently Instagram Wants You To Stop Posting Feeds Onto Stories
One of the features of Instagram’s Stories is the ability to repost Stories belonging to others (assuming they aren’t private accounts), and also posts from your feed. However, it seems that maybe Instagram is thinking that posting from your feed is no longer such a good idea and are now thinking about removing the feature.

Instagram Scams Have Risen More Than 50% Since The Pandemic
The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. It has forced many of us to stay at home to work or study, it has changed our shopping habits where we’re starting to turn more towards online shopping for household necessities and food, and it has also seen us spend more time on our phones as we look for new venues of entertainment.