Instagram Testing New Features For Boomerang And Stories

If you use Instagram quite a bit, then you might be interested to learn that the company is testing out a bunch of new features for some of its existing features, such as Boomerang and also Layout for Stories, just to name a few, at least that’s according to researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Instagrammers Pose For Photos At Toxic Lake, Gets Sick Afterwards

What would you “for the gram”? It turns out that there are some Instagrammers who are looking for ways to get more “likes” for their photos, even if it means posing in lakes that they later find out are poisonous. That seems to be happening to some Instagrammers who took photos at a lake in Spain called Monte Neme.

Instagram To Warn Users Who Are Likely To Have Their Account Banned

Instagram has detailed some changes for its account disable policy today. Under its policy, it disables accounts which have a certain percentage of violating content. A new policy is now being rolled out where aside from removing the accounts with a certain percentage of violating content, it will also remove accounts that have a certain number of violations within a window of time.

Instagram Test For Hiding Like Count Being Expanded

Instagram launched a test earlier this year which hid like count on posts. The test began in Canada where people who were a part of this test had their likes hidden by default. They had to opt-out of it in order to show the like count on their posts. They could always see the count on their own posts. Instagram is now expanding this test and giving more users in […]


Senators Ask The FTC To Investigate How Social Networks Curate Their Content

How do websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter determine topics that are supposedly relevant to you? Presumably, this is based on how you use their websites, where based on your searches, history, browsing habits, and so on, it will surface information that it thinks is most suitable for you.

Instagram Using AI To Reduce Bullying And Offensive Comments

The internet can often be a very toxic place. People may express their opinions on something that you do or simply on the way you live your life in a manner that’s just offensive. Cyberbulling continues to be a problem as well and on an image-first social network like Instagram, it’s not going away anytime soon. Instagram continues to take steps to prevent bullying and offensive comments on its platform […]

UK Ad Regulator Defines Anyone With At Least 30,000 Followers As A ‘Celebrity’

Have you ever wanted the fame and recognition that comes with being a celebrity? If you do, then you might be interested to learn that according to the UK’s ad regulator, it seems that anyone with a social media following of at least 30,000 people can be technically considered as a “celebrity”.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Facing Outage Today

Cloudflare’s troubles knocked down many sites yesterday for a couple of hours before everything was up and running once again. Today, it’s Facebook and its properties facing a similar issue. Reports have come in from users across the globe that they’re not able to use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in what appears to be another widespread outage. This is actually the third major outage for Facebook properties this year.

Instagram Will Start Injecting Ads Into Your Explore Feed

Instagram is free to use, and as they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. This means that users have had to put up with ads, which come in the form of ads injected in between their main feed and also inside of Instagram’s Stories. Now it looks like Instagram users will need to start putting up with even more ads, this time in their Explore feed.

Instagram’s Explore Page Will Now Show Ads

If you felt that Instagram had enough ads, clearly the Facebook-owned company begs to differ. It has confirmed today that ads will soon start appearing on the Explore page. This is the part of the app where users go to discover new content that’s in line with their interests. It’s a popular destination in the app so it’s unsurprising that Instagram has decided to capitalize on it.

Instagram Insists That They Are Not Spying On You

We’re sure many of us have had very uncanny and slightly creepy experiences where we are talking to someone about something, only to open up our social media platforms like Instagram and discover an ad for that thing we were just talking about. It almost feels like we are being spied on and having our conversations listened in on, doesn’t it?

Instagram Is Testing An Easier Way For Users To Recover Hacked Accounts

There is a good reason to choose strong and secure passwords and also to enable 2FA whenever you can. Sure, it might be more troublesome, but the trouble now might be worth it in the future compared to trying to recover a stolen account. For anyone who has experienced trying to recover a hacked account, you know what we mean.

How To Go Live On Instagram

In this article, we will tell you how to go live on Instagram. The process is pretty straightforward but it comes with its own niggles. We will also address some of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram live.

How To Block Someone On Instagram

Is there someone that’s stalking your Instagram profile? Is there one particular user that keeps leaving nasty and unwanted comments on your post? If you are being harassed, here’s how you can go about blocking someone from your Instagram account.