For the non-photographer, the process of light painting usually involves long camera exposures and a light source moved around to create weird and interesting effects. Looking to take things to the next level, Ben Cowell-Thomas has decided to create a light painting show that used a robotic arm holding an LED. The idea initially started off rather humbly and involved a laser pointer mounted on an altitude and azimuth mount made out of LEGO. Probably realizing that this project had some potential, Ben decided to create a 3D plotter rig. The 3D plotter is seated on top of a tripod and features three axis of motion – up and down, clockwise and anti-clockwise, and “in” and “out”. A small RGB LED is attached to the robotic arm that allows it to perform its light paintings and plot vector lines in 3D space. While humans might come up with more interesting and “creative” light paintings, Ben’s robotic arm managed to come up with some pretty precise light paintings which we have to admit are just as cool, if not cooler. In any case check out the demo videos above and below to see the result of Ben’s efforts.

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