Oakley GPS glasses with built in OLED display will help cyclists improve their performanceProfessional athletes are no doubt always on the lookout on how to best optimize their performance, and cyclists are one of them. Given that cyclists tend to wear glasses during their races, Jon Cleave has come up with the Oakley GPS concept, an eye-wear based on the design of the currently favored model. Utilizing an OLED micro-display lens, the Oakley GPS will provide the cyclist a wide range of information that they can use to help track, monitor and ultimately improve their performance.

The information provided includes the ability to track their own position during a race, track their competitors’ distances, compare personal bests and track lap times. Since all of this information can get a bit distracting, the OLED will only activate at certain checkpoints during a race.

Apart from those abilities, the Oakley GPS will also take into consideration the rider’s sweat and in order to prevent the glasses from slipping off their face, the sides of the glasses will tighten as the body temperature in the cyclist’s body rises. This is thanks to the Oakley Unobtanium Ear Sleeves and Oakley Unobtanium Nose Piece that supposedly increase grip with the rise in moisture level. Pretty cool, huh? With Google’s Project Glass in the works and with a head mounted displays already available for purchase, the Oakley GPS could become a reality in the near future.

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