When it come to saving fuel for our vehicles, cars already have solutions such as hybrids and electric cars, but where’s the love when it comes to trucks? Fret not as it seems that Mercedes’ Actros long-haul trucks are now expected to come fitted with a system that is able to predict what’s on the road ahead in order to save fuel. Dubbed the Predictive Power Control, this system makes use of GPS data in order to map out the topography of the road that the driver will be taking. Based on that, the system will “intervene” from time to time to help control the speed of the truck, the amount of braking required and the shifting of gears, all of which will help contribute to the overall efficiency of the driving. Given that we’ve yet to try this out for ourselves, we’re not too sure how the system works but according to the company, there are apparently no changes to the way the vehicle is operated. So if you own a company that uses long-haul trucks, the Mercedes Actros trucks could be a way for you to cut down on the money spent refueling your vehicles! [Press release]

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