What you see above is a robot claw in action, although it remains as a prototype as at press time. This robot claw will be released by DAGU, and targets the young and impressionable minds who love all things robotic – without breaking the parents’ bank account, of course. Who knows, your little one might just be the future Tony Stark who might end up with a huge contribution to humanity. It is the idea accessory for those who want to build robotic Halloween costumes, although I must say the entire thing looks rather fragile – definitely not the weapon to go up against the likes of War Machine or Whiplash. The clear plastic body is there for a purpose though – it can light up internally thanks to a handful of strategically placed LEDs. The Gripper segment can also be separated from the main body so that it can be retro-fitted onto a small robot, like your Do It Yourself R2-D2, I suppose.

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