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World's First Bionic Cat 'MarsCat' Is A Home Robot
You might find a robot for almost everything – if not, it is highly likely that someone is developing it as you read this.We’ve seen useful robots to get things done, like a Vacuum cleaner robot – but a cute pet companion in the form of a home robot?Elephant Robotics, a Chinese tech firm has managed to develop a fully autonomous robot cat.It is not just any ordinary robot – […]

Yumi by Omate, Home Robot with Android and Amazon Alexa
Today, Omate, the company that made one of the first smartwatches powered by Android, unveiled the first Android-powered robot featuring Amazon Alexa.Equipped with a 5-inch HD tactile LCD display in landscape mode, Yumi provides access to the Android apps that work in that screen position mode, the user interface has been customized, and the start screen offers a wheel with the main menu categories (see the photos)Most importantly, you can […]

3D Printer Churns Out Instantly Working Robot
3D printing technology has become more and more affordable for just about everyone, and this augurs well for the industry overall as it means that we are now seeing a greater adoption base among users, who will then come up with even more creative ways of churning out new models and the like. Researchers over at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have come up with a new […]

Robot Serves In China Restaurant
Are robots truly and earnestly taking over the world? While repetitive tasks in the realm of manufacturing and mass production would see robot as the far better candidate as opposed to humans, there are certain industries in which the human touch is valued a whole lot more – hotels and restaurants are such instances, although we have seen examples in both industries that have employed the assistance of robots.


Predator B Sports Longer Wings, Flies At A Greater Distance
Having drones in your arsenal of weapons is always a comforting thought, especially when you take into consideration how you can pick off your enemies from afar without having to risk life and limb of your soldiers and fellow comrades. Hence, technological advancements when it comes to drones need to be stepped up always in order to keep ahead of the competition, and the Predator B drone has gotten such […]

Man Flies Drone Into Empire State Building
What a way to end the week – a man flew his drone into Empire State Building, and was duly arrested afterwards. I suppose it would be incidents like these that has led the FAA to make it mandatory for all drone owners to register their drones with the body, as those who are irresponsible drone operators tend to get themselves into trouble, and if not careful, might actually cause […]

Robot Writers Help The Associated Press To Improve Earnings
Now here is a novel method to make sure that robots are able to help us out in our lives, making it better through the use of automation technology in order to write its earnings reports. In fact, The Associated Press (AP) claims to have generated 3,000 stories each quarter, which is ten times its previous output. This particular nugget of information hails from Automated Insights, which is the company […]

‘Stroke Robot’ Could Help Improve Stroke Patient Treatment
It is said that each year will see 800,000 Americans admitted to a hospital because of stroke, and speed is of the essence here since each minute that passes by would result in additional brain function that will be lost. With approximately 1,500 stroke experts throughout the US, this means they cannot be everywhere to help at the same time, which is why robotics would come in handy. Dr. Victor […]

Robot Modified To Fly Human Flight Simulator
Robots these days seem to be taking on larger and more important roles at the workplace, and this time around, we have researchers over at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) working on a small, off-the-shelf robot. Various modifications to this tiny robot has enabled it to be capable of actually operating a human flight simulator, now how about that? Known as the PIBOT, this particular robot […]

MIT Study: Humans Prefer Orders From Robots Than Own Boss
How well do you take orders? Well, it seems that we humans are a strange lot, at least according to this particular research that hails from folks over at the MIT which confirms how within a two-human, one-robot team that are working together toward a common goal, it would be the humans who would prefer the robot be in charge. Orders from robots are preferred where handling a manufacturing task […]

‘Scare Bear’ Robot Could Knock You Out With A 25,000-Volt ‘Punch’
Robots are supposed to help us humans across different dimensions of life, such as being a useful bellhop whenever human resources run scarce at a hotel, or perhaps rendering your job useless if you flip burgers to earn a little bit of extra income on the side. This particular robot, however, goes on the offensive if you decide to actually touch it. Given the nickname of being the ‘Scare Bear’ […]

HitchBOT Has Completed Half Its Mission Already
Hitchhiking used to be fun back in the day when society was a whole lot more decent and less depraved, and a murder or kidnapping case would have made national headlines. These days, however, you would require a whole lot of intestinal fortitude if you were to hitchhike your way, even more so if you are alone. However, this is one instance where sending a robot to do a human’s […]

Smart Piano Composes Tunes Based On Cloud Formations Above
The hills are alive, with the sound of music! Well, so much for the hills, but what about the cities? For those who are looking for something that is slightly different, how about a smart piano that is capable of churning out tunes depending on how the clouds right above it form? Needless to say, this will need to work in an open area, where music composed will depend on […]

WP5 Robot Picks Peppers
I don’t know about you, but I somehow would love to have a tongue twister made out of the WP5 Robot that picks peppers. Automation in farming is not exactly in an advanced stage at the moment, since humans with years of experience on the field do a whole lot better than visual recognition systems alone when it comes to picking fruit and vegetables that are ripe and ready to […]

Animatronic Robot Makes Eye Contact With Spectator While Dancing
(Female Figure) 2014, an animatronic robot from Jordan Wolfson is capable of performing a dance right in front of a full length mirror all the while looking to make eye contact with the spectator. Of course, as you can view in the video above, it does not help to have that creepy looking mask attached to the robot’s face, too. The blonde hair works, but unless the robot has something […]

US Congressman Executed, Replaced By Robot Body Double, Says Opponent
For all the stories of Black Ops and espionage, this certainly takes the cake – at least for the month of June. If Timothy Ray Murray is correct, then technology in the realm of robotics has certainly advanced way ahead of most peoples’ expectations. Apparently, Murray claims that incumbent Oklahoman congressman Frank Lucas is no longer alive and kicking, but has since been replaced by a body double. And a […]

Masked Animatronic Robot Dances In An Extremely Lifelike Manner
The uncanny valley is not a physical place, but rather, it is the idea of a robot being so human-like in behavior, that it can get rather creepy to boot. Artist Jordan Wolfson has crossed into such a territory as you can see from the video above, where this masked animatronic robot will gyrate to a slowed-down version of “Blurred Lines”, in a rather enticing manner. Right now, this animatronic […]

KEECKER Connected Robot Unveiled
[CES 2014] KEECKER happens to be a Paris-based company that intends to bring the future forward, by introducing a new connected robot (which will hopefully be smart, too) at CES 2014. Boasting of a unique functionality that will hopefully alter the way we think about digital experiences, KEECKER happens to be the first connected computer for lifestyle and home entertainment, where it will transform just how one shares and experiences […]

Polycom RealPresence in the new Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence
Last week I was invited to Polycom’s annual Holiday event where the Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence was shown for the first time. We all remember Anybots cute QB robot that featured a very small display and 2 big “eyes” where the camera was hidden.The new Q(X) is going away from the human-like shape and features a relatively austere form factor; however we can appreciate the large display that delivers a […]

“Superman” Robot Lifts 80 Times Its Own Weight
“Hulk is the strongest one there is!” is a catchphrase that we have heard before many times, if you happen to be an ardent fan of Marvel Comic’s jade giant. Well, another character that has proven to be nigh invulnerable would be Superman of DC Comics’ fame, and it would be interesting to see what happens when both titans of strength collide in an arm wrestling match. Well, researchers over […]