PlayStation 3Sony has yet to officially announce the PlayStation 4, but according to the rumors (via Wall Street Journal), it seems that the PlayStation 4 was almost finalized as being a disc-less device. What this meant was that in order to purchase their games, gamers would most likely have to log onto PSN and access the store to purchase and download their games digitally. While this might save on a lot of physical space, it would eventually eat up a lot of storage on the gaming console. Not to mention we’re sure that there are gamers out there who would rather own physical copies of their games.

This is no doubt a relief to some gamers, but most likely a huge relief to gaming retailers who would not profit from the sales of digital games. Now according to the same report, Microsoft agrees with Sony’s decision and contrary to previous rumors, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox (codenamed Durango) will also feature a disc drive. Given that both of these gaming consoles have yet to be announced or acknowledged, we’re not really sure what to make of rumors about a device that may or may not exist. Until more concrete evidence has been uncovered, and Sony/Microsoft issue an official statement themselves, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt for now.

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