Given that our smartphones and tablets have the ability to do a lot of things for us these days, should we be surprised that it could eventually help us with our cooking? Oven maker, Aga, has announced the iTotal Control Oven, an oven that comes equipped with a cellular modem that allows the user to communicate with it remotely. However the drawback is that thanks to its embedded SIM card from the carrier Orange, not only would you have to pay for the oven, but you’ll have to sign up for a year’s contract with the carrier, making this the first oven you would ever have to sign a carrier contract with!

However putting that aside, thanks to the accompanying app for both Android and iOS devices, users will be able to remotely start the oven. Alternative means of starting the oven can also be accomplished through the PC or a laptop via a designated web portal, or by sending text message instructions, like “baking oven on” or “all ovens off”. So if you happen to be out running an errand, you will be able to pre-heat the oven so that by the time you get home, you’re all set to start the baking process. Pretty nifty, huh? If the Aga iTotal Control Oven sounds like a piece of kitchen equipment you wouldn’t mind owning, it will be available for the 1st of June and will retail for a whopping £10,090 (~$15,800). [Product page]

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