If your laptop is your primary computer, safe to say that there are some drawbacks. This includes the somewhat limited amount of USB ports along with the need for accessories such as a laptop cooler and dedicated speakers, all of which will take quite a fair bit of table space and possibly USB ports in the process. Unless you don’t plan on doing any writing on the table, this is not an issue but for those whose table is meant for both computer work and writing, then this compact computer desk might be worth checking out.


Now we’re not in the habit of covering furniture, but when the particular furniture comes with a set of built-in speakers, extra USB ports to power devices like your phone and an integrated cooling fan for your laptop, well this is definitely something that we had to take a look at. The name is somewhat unassuming but if you wanted something that could save space, then this table might just be for you. The side panel includes a 3-port USB hub, an AC adapter and external device input connections along with a fan control.

Interestingly according to the product description, you can choose to power the desk with your laptop or by using the AC adapter. Featuring a steel frame design, there was no word on the power output or quality of the speakers but we guess it’s safe to assume that if you wanted audiophile quality, then you’d probably have to look somewhere else. However if this desk sounds like a great idea, you can head on over to Sharper Image and order it for yourself for a price of $99.99.

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