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Apple Could Revisit The Idea Of Titanium MacBooks
Apple’s laptops and computers in general are made out of aluminum. This is more or less the standard choice of materials for a lot of electronics these days, but according to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple could be interested in exploring other materials, such as titanium.

5G Capable MacBook In The Works, But Don’t Expect To See It So Soon
With our smartphones and tablets being able to connect to the internet using cellular connectivity, we actually have to wonder why such a feature isn’t as widely-available in laptops. There are cellular-capable laptops, but oddly enough, they aren’t as common as one might think even though the benefits of such devices are pretty obvious.

Microsoft Takes Aim At Apple In New Surface Pro 7 Ad
Microsoft and Apple’s rivalry dates back decades, even though Microsoft did help Apple through a tough time when Microsoft’s then-CEO, Bill Gates, bought $150 million worth of non-voting shares of Apple, and also gave them free-access to use Microsoft Office on Apple’s Mac computers.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Could See The Return Of The SD Card Slot
Apple’s MacBook laptop design has been kept more or less the same for several years now, and while it is a nice design, it would be good to see Apple shake things up a bit. We have been hearing rumors that a redesign could be on its way, and now a new report from Bloomberg has revealed a potential “new” feature.


‘Higher-End’ MacBook Air Could Be Launching Later This Year
We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be planning on redesigning its MacBook Pro, but what about the MacBook Air? Apart from changing up the bezels for the display, the laptop has still pretty much maintained the same design and form factor. That could change either later in the year or possibly 2022.

Intel’s PC Business Is Up By 33%
Intel is typically associated with PCs. The company’s processors are almost always the default choice whether it comes to custom builds or premade computers. However, in the recent years, we’ve actually seen AMD on the rise, plus there is also Apple’s new direction in which they will be ultimately ditching Intel’s processors for their own custom chipset.

Samsung Wants To Start Producing 90Hz OLED Displays For Laptops
The vast majority of laptops out there still use LCDs as their display of choice. There is a reason why, and that is because LCDs are cheaper to produce, especially at larger sizes. This isn’t to say that OLED laptops don’t exist, but LCD is still a much popular configuration. However, Samsung is hoping to change that, and then some.

Microsoft Patents A Laptop Display That Automatically Adjusts Based On The User’s Gaze
The problem with laptop screens is that it forces us to look down. Also, given their size, there are a lot of times when we find ourselves having to adjust the angle of the screen to suit our sitting position. However, Microsoft is hoping to change that by creating a laptop display that can adjust itself automatically.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Could Take Some Design Cues From The iPad
Apple’s current design for its laptops is getting a bit old. While it’s a solid design and there’s nothing much to dislike about it, we reckon it’s due for a change. We have heard rumors that a redesign could be coming, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is sharing some of those design changes.

Apple Could Be Admitting Defeat With The Touch Bar
When Apple first introduced the Touch Bar in its MacBook Pro, they heralded it as a new way for users to interact and use their laptops. In theory, it was pretty sound. Having a dynamic touchscreen display instead of physical keys meant that users could do more things with their computers, access shortcuts, and more.

MagSafe Might Return With The Next-Gen MacBook Pro
Many MacBook users lamented when Apple decided to ditch MagSafe for charging over USB-C. One of the upsides of MagSafe was that it was quick and easy to connect and disconnect, and also prevented issues like tripping over the cable and dragging your laptop down to the ground with you.

The ASUS ROG Flow X13 Is One Of The Most Portable Gaming Laptops We’ve Seen
It seems that many companies are starting to catch on that gamers who like to game on laptops don’t necessarily want their laptops to be big and bulky and garish with RGB lights blinking and pulsating all over. So much so that ASUS has since unveiled what could possibly be the company’s lightest gaming laptop to date.

Acer’s New Predator Triton 300 SE Gaming Laptop Is Surprising Lightweight
Gaming laptops usually tend to be pretty heavy, and this means that users either need to choose between mobility or power, unless they don’t mind lugging around a heavy and bulky laptop. However, Acer is hoping to solve that problem as they have unveiled their latest gaming laptop – the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro: A Hot 14-Inch Ultralight
At CES 2021, Lenovo has released a new Yoga Slim 7i Pro with a fabulous 90Hz OLED display, making this laptop one of the strongest ultralight (3.2 Lbs) computers on the market.

HP’s New Envy 14 Laptop Claims To Last 16.5 Hours On A Single Charge
The problem with laptops is trying to find a balance between a laptop that’s powerful and one that lasts long when using its battery. If you’re leaning more towards a laptop that has amazing battery life, then you might want to consider HP’s latest offering the form of the HP Envy 14. This is the company’s newest laptop that they have unveiled ahead of CES 2021.

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 Will Come With A QLED Display
When it comes to laptops, a good many of laptops today still use LCD for their display of choice. There’s nothing wrong with the use of LCD, but as we have seen from our phones and TVs, LED tends to offer up richer and more dynamic colors, and this might be something that some users prefer.

Mini LED MacBook Air Expected In 2022
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is expected to be heavily investing in mini LED technology. In fact, the rumors are claiming that this year, we can look forward to Apple possibly launching an iPad Pro with a mini LED display, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Apple could extend the technology to their laptops.

LG Unveils It 2021 Gram Laptop Lineup
For the past few years, LG has kept up its launch of its own series of laptops under the Gram branding. These laptops are typically designed to be lightweight and portable, focusing more on mobility and appealing to users who can appreciate the lightweightedness of the laptops. If you’re after such a laptop, you’re in luck.

Future MacBook Chargers Could Get A Lot Smaller
Right now, a lot of laptop chargers, like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, are huge bricks that are heavy and quite troublesome to bring around. However, that’s due to the limitations of existing technology, but the good news for MacBook owners is that Apple could soon switch to much smaller chargers.

Samsung’s Next-Gen Chromebook Could Ditch The 4K Display For Better Battery Life
When Samsung launched the Galaxy Chromebook, one of the key features of the laptop was its 4K display. Given that Chromebooks in generally are typically marketed as budget laptops, having a 4K display was a nice touch, but reviews have found it less than favorable, especially with its terrible battery life.