Lenovo’s New ThinkBooks Are Aimed At Business Users On A Budget

If you’re a small business starting out or if you’re just looking for a laptop for your employees to take with them when they’re out, but you don’t want to spend too much money, Lenovo has you covered. The company has recently taken the wraps off their new ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 laptops that are essentially cheaper versions of its ThinkBook series of computers.

Lenovo Yoga C740 and C640 Launched @ IFA

Built as a “Productivity” laptop, the Yoga C740 also comes in 14” and 15” versions. As you can imagine, the 15.6” version has a little bit more battery life, but with only an estimated 1.3 hours more, it may not make that big of a difference to buyers who will likely choose based on size.

Lenovo Yoga S740: For Creators

Lenovo and other PC OEMs have caught on the rising tide of creators, and the Yoga S740 is designed for them, with a great performance/price ratio that includes a discrete GPUs for intensive tasks such as video effects and compression. The Yoga S740 comes in 14” and 15.6”, and unsurprisingly the larger one is the most powerful one.

Yoga C940: The New Lenovo Consumer Champion Editor's Pick

IFA is where Lenovo announces the high-end Yoga laptop refresh, and this year, the Lenovo Yoga C940 (14”+15”) takes on the role of luxury consumer laptop, replacing the Yoga C930 announced at IFA 2018 and reviewed a bit later on Ubergizmo.


ASUS’ ProArt StudioBook One Laptop Manages To Pack A $4,000 NVIDIA GPU

Usually when it comes to GPUs in laptops, due mostly to the size, it would be near-impossible to fit a full-sized GPU into it. This usually means that most laptops with discrete GPU options are running a “mobile” version of the GPU, which means that it isn’t as powerful as its desktop counterpart.

Acer Swift 3, Swift 5 Lightweight Laptops Announced

Laptops these days have come a long way in terms of design where many of them are now lighter than ever. If you are looking to replace your old and bulky laptop with something newer and lighter, you might want to check out a couple of Acer’s new product launches: the Acer Swift 5 and the Acer Swift 3.

The ASUSPRO B9 Is The ‘World’s Lightest’ Business Laptop

If you do a lot of business while on the move, then chances are you can appreciate a laptop that isn’t too bulky or heavy, especially if you’re going to carry it around all day. If you are interested in such a laptop, you’re in luck because at IFA 2019, ASUS has taken the wraps off the ASUSPRO B9, which the company claims is the “world’s lightest” business laptop.

Acer Announces New Predator Triton 300, Triton 500 Gaming Laptops

When it comes to gaming laptops, Acer’s Predator series of laptops are actually pretty well known. If you’re thinking about getting one, then you’ll be pleased to learn that at IFA 2019, Acer announced a couple of new gaming laptops. These come in the form of the Acer Predator Triton 300 and the Predator Triton 500.

Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop Refreshed With NVIDIA’s GTX 1650

The problem with gaming laptops is that for the most part, they tend to be huge and bulky and heavy. We suppose this can’t be helped as gaming laptops usually require more parts, like bigger and better cooling systems to prevent the laptop from overheating. This means that if you wanted a laptop with gaming capabilities and portability, you would have to suck it and bear the weight of the […]

USB4 Standard Has Been Cleared And Ready For Deployment Next Year

At the moment, most modern day computers rely on the USB 3.1 port or USB-C. However, it seems that in 2020, we can start looking forward to computers relying on a new standard in the form of USB4. This is according to an announcement by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in which they have announced that they have finalized the tech specs for the new standard.

Lenovo New Chromebooks Come in Tiny and Large Sizes Editor's Pick

At IFA 2019, Lenovo will present two new Chromebook computers that serve the 11-inch and 14-inch market. Both have 360-degree display swivel, a signature Lenovo feature that has been adopted by the rest of the industry.

Some Airlines Are Now Banning MacBooks Pros From Being Used During Flights

Falling the reports that Apple has started to recall 2015 MacBook Pros over battery concerns where some battteries have apparently caught on fire, some airline companies have started to ban the laptop from being placed in checked-in luggage. Instead, passengers were required to bring it with them in their carry-on luggage.

Lenovo ThinkPads Get Intel’s 10th Gen CPUs

Lenovo has announced that many of its laptops are getting the new 10th-generation Core i5 and Core i7 Intel processors. The change is internal, so the chassis and ports stay mostly the same, even though the X1 Carbon is getting a 400 NIT 1080p display option.

Some Airlines Are Banning MacBooks From Checked Luggages Over Battery Fires

Back in June, Apple announced that they would be recalling their 2015 15-inch MacBook Pros over battery concerns. This was because of the fear that the batteries could overheat, which as you might know is not a good thing for lithium-ion batteries. In fact, a photo shared in July showed a burnt MacBook Pro that was the result of the battery overheating and catching on fire.