It is one thing to live in a really spacious home, where your master bedroom has its separate bathroom, and turning on the lights there will not blind your partner. However, not everyone is privileged enough to earn that kind of money and purchase such a home, so those of us who live in cramped apartments will just have to feel our way around at night when we need to pee or let loose some logs. Guys, especially, will need to aim properly, otherwise they might end up making a mess of things. The Toilet Sensor Clip that you see here will clip onto your toilet tank, sporting soft blue LED lights that are powered by a trio of AAA batteries which will light up the moment it detects any movement. It is said to deliver the right amount of light so that you can navigate the bathroom without having to wake anyone up. Expect the Toilet Sensor Clip to retail for $15 a pop if you are interested.

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