The next time you want to settle a particular dispute with your equally geeky friend, do not do so over an arm wrestling match. That would be boring, as it would be akin to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal settling their score on the basketball court. No sir, how about a more geeky slant to your settlement? This is where Takara Tomy’s BattroBorg 2.0 come in, where you wield a nunchuck-style controller in order to control it. Punch with your right or left hand, and it will perform accordingly in the arena as well. I suppose those who have had prior experience with Wii Boxing, this should not be too hard to master after a while.

The BattroBorg 2.0 system relies on the 2.4GHz frequency to get the message across, where it is far more sensitive and responsive compared to infrared. Basically, you should not see any lag between your action as well as seeing it translate to the robot’s movement. I suppose there is one way to cheat in this game – tickle your opponent in real life and then land a literal sucker punch on his robot after that. The BattroBorg 2.0 will be available in Japan from next month onwards for approximately $50.

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