One look at the BoxingBots in the video above, and surely you would have thought about the Hugh Jackman movie, Real Steel? How about turning back the clock even further, with The Island in mind, where Ewan and Scarlett duke it out in a virtual ring with their respective avatars. Enough about science fiction though, as the BoxingBots are the real deal in this world. Thanks to the efforts by the team at Coding4Fun, the BoxingBots measure six feet tall , and will rely on pneumatics and pressurized gas for mechanical motion purposes.

The couple of 2.5-gallon tanks of compressed air at 150 psi will help keep the BoxingBots going, where players will control their bots using a Kinect for Windows-enabled PC which is powerful enough to read their movements and maps there and then. A full arm stroke helps you deliver a straight punch, while leaning forward will help the robot move forward in ease.

What’s going to come out would be nuts and bolts instead of broken teeth and blood. No more guts and glory, it is real steel (pardon the pun) from now on! There is a poor man’s alternative though, with the far less impressive (which is anything but boring) BattroBorg 2.0 worth checking out.

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