I suppose it is only natural for grammar used in memes to make their way to the headlines, but doing so too often makes it lose the intended effect. For folks who love fishing, there are days when the fish simply refuse to bite, despite you being there at the right place, and at the perfect time, not to mention having the most delectable bait available that had never failed you. Inexplicably, the fish simply refuse to bite at where all experts deem to be the ‘perfect spot’. Good thing there is always technology to help us out – and the Deeper sonar ball is just the thing for you if you want to save time when fishing.

All you need to do is toss in the ball with a built-in sonar into the water, and it will hook up to your Android or iOS-powered smartphone, informing you on just where the hot spots for fish are. Capable of relaying data within a 150 feet radius, it will work with different water depths, ranging from 0.5m all the way to 40m. Bear in mind the Deeper will only enter into action whenever it comes into contact with water, relaying other essential information as well such as water depth and temperature for your perusal.

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