While cycling to work is a great way to save the environment, sometimes leaving your bike locked up outside is a bit of an uneasy feeling. After all there are probably plenty of ways to steal a bike which could end up being highly inconvenient for you. Bringing the bike into the office might not be the best of ideas since it can be rather bulky which is probably what the Donut bike is hoping to solve. Designed by Arvind M, the Donut bike is a concept bike that as pictured above, will allow its rider to fold it up and carry it with them on the go as a bag/briefcase.

Transforming it into a bike appears to be relatively straightforward, although we have to admit that its design is rather unconventional and might not sit too well with bike enthusiasts. Either way it is a good space saver and a good idea as far as green transportation is concerned. It should be noted that in case you’re in the market for a foldable bike, there are plenty of other options out there although this concept design does seem to be the neatest looking solution.

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