Assuming the rumors are to be believed, it seems that by the end of the month and during Google I/O, we could be introduced to the Google Nexus tablet. Apart from rumors and speculation, so far not much has turned up yet that would further cement those claims – at least until recently. A photo has surfaced on Picasa and after going through the photo’s EXIF data, it was revealed that the photo was taken by a device made by ASUS and is known as the “Nexus 7”.

According to the rumors, Google’s Nexus tablet is expected to be made by ASUS and will be 7” in size, thus lending credence to the rumor. However as to whether the “Nexus 7” will be the final name remains to be seen. Additional details has revealed the photo to be 1280×960 in terms of resolution, which some are suspecting could have been taken by the tablet’s front-facing camera. The photo itself is rather boring and is a shot of a ceiling and some fluorescent lights, so we guess we can’t really tell where this photo was taken. In any case Google I/O will be taking place on the 27-29th of June so be sure to check back with us then to see if the rumors and speculations of a Google tablet pans out!

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