Mozilla does not seem to content with their current market share in terms of browser dominance, and they are not going to take this particular situation lying down. In fact, Mozilla does seem to want to spread their wings further in the world of tablets, and has set their sights on the promised land – the Apple iPad. It seems that there are whispers going around that hail from industry insiders which touch on the very same team who worked on the desktop version of Firefox will soon challenge themselves further, by designing a Firefox version just for the Apple iPad. In the process, it is hoped that this popular open source web browser will be able to provide some sort of decent competition to Apple’s Safari browser on the iPad.

The new browser has been nicknamed “Junior”, which is rather fitting at this point in time. Hopefully Junior will be able to receive all the digital milk it can get (and crave for) in order to grow up to be a dominant web browser.

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