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How To Add Extensions To Your Browser
Browser extensions are useful to help you expand on how you use and enjoy your browser, and here’s how you can take advantage of it by installing it across various browsers.

Mozilla’s Firefox Lite Browser Has Been Killed Off
In some parts of the world, having access to fast and reliable internet isn’t always a given. This is why in some countries, feature phones continue to be popular because what use is a smartphone if your carrier’s infrastructure can’t support it? It is also why some developers have created “Lite” versions of their apps designed to be smaller and faster versions for lower-end handsets.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Will Work Together On Browser Extensions
When it comes to browser extensions, due to the fact that not all browsers are built using the same platform, it means that some extensions are available for some browsers while others are not. However, even the developers who do bother to create extensions for multiple types of browsers, updating it can be a hassle.

Firefox Update Introduces ‘SmartBlock’ That Fixes Websites Broken By Privacy Protections
If you have used ad blockers and tracking blockers, you might have encountered instances where a website seems to load incorrectly or not at all. This is because the blockers you have in place might have some compatibility issues with certain web elements, or certain elements are blocked as they might be thought of as being an ad or tracker.


Mozilla’s Firefox 86 Brings ‘Total Cookie Protection’ To The Browser
Cookies have been used in websites for a very long time now. The initial idea was that cookies helped websites memorize certain things about the user so that when they load the website, they won’t have to start from scratch again. This was meant to be a useful feature, but in recent years, we’ve seen how cookies have been used to track user activity across multiple websites, not just the […]

Latest Firefox Update Will Crack Down On The Use Of Supercookies
Cookies were introduced to the web many, many years ago. Initially was deemed as a useful feature which allowed websites to remember certain things about you and your browsing activity so that in some instances, you wouldn’t need to start from scratch everytime you loaded that website.

Firefox Updated With Apple M1 Support
One of the chief concerns about Apple ditching Intel to make their own processors is app support. After all, developers have gotten used to developing apps for x86 platforms, which means that they’ll now need to spend more time and resources creating it for the M1 chipset, which is based on ARM.

Firefox Will Now Warn Users Of Leaked And Reused Passwords
Ideally you would want to create and use a different and complicated password for each and every single account you have, but it’s not always practical as it can be difficult to remember. This is why it’s not surprising that many people tend to use passwords that are too simple, or reuse passwords across multiple accounts.

Experimental Firefox Feature Randomly Generates Email Addresses So You Won’t Get Spam
These days it’s easy to have your email inbox bombarded with spam. This is because of various database leaks and unscrupulous marketers, it’s probably not that hard to find your email address floating about on the internet. However, it seems that Mozilla could be trying out a new way to help cut down on the noise.

Microsoft Edge Is Now The Second Most Popular Browser In The World
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the butt of many jokes back in the day, but to Microsoft’s credit, they did improve on the browser over the years, although unfortunately, it never did quite manage to shake its poor reputation. This is why Microsoft introduced a new browser called Edge with Windows 10.

Firefox Has A Built-In Container That Stops Facebook From Tracking You
The vast majority of us use Facebook on a daily basis despite the fact that we know that the platform tracks us. However, if you do like to use Facebook but would rather it not track your activities across the web, then you might want to check out the latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Mozilla Makes DNS Over HTTPS The Default For Firefox Users
If you’re someone who places high priority when it comes to protecting their privacy on the internet, then you might want to consider switching to Mozilla’s Firefox browser, that is if you aren’t using it already. This is because in the latest update to the browser, Mozilla has enabled DNS over HTTPS by default for users who are living in the US.

Mozilla Brings Its Firefox VPN Service Onto Android
There are plenty of VPN options available on mobile devices, but if you’re looking for an alternative, you might be interested to learn that Mozilla has since released its VPN app for mobile devices. However, it should be noted that as it stands, it is currently in closed beta so you’ll need an invite to use it, at least for now.

How To Migrate Browser Bookmarks (Easy Export/Import)
So you’ve found a new favorite browser to use, but you don’t want to lose all the bookmarks and settings that you’ve already setup in the previous browser. If you are trying to figure out how migrate from one browser to another without losing everything, here’s how.

Firefox Will Now Let Users Delete Collected Data
Over the years as we use more apps and online services, a lot of data about us is being collected. This is used for marketing purposes so that advertisers know what kind of ads to serve to us. If you’re not a fan of this, then you might want to consider making the shift to Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

How To Change MacOS Default Browser
With macOS, the default browser that comes bundled with the operating system is none other than Apple’s Safari. Safari is an excellent browser, especially if you use multiple Mac computers and/or iOS devices, because it will be able to sync your data such as browsing history across them.

These Supposed Security Browser Extensions Have Allegedly Been Snooping On Users
Companies like Avast and AVG are probably known to users as being the developers of security-based software like antiviruses. However, it seems that the browser extensions that these companies made have been accused of snooping on users who have installed their extensions.

Latest Firefox Update Brings Picture-In-Picture Mode To Windows
We all multitask on our computers, and sometimes this involves watching a video while doing some work. This is pretty easy to do if you have a larger monitor or dual (or triple) monitors, where you can simply put the video on one side and everything else on the other side. But what if you don’t?

Mozilla Introduces The Next Beta Phase Of Firefox Private Network VPN
There are a lot of VPN options out there. However, when Mozilla announced their plans for a VPN, it was indeed exciting to look for.The testing was limited to a few users. However, with the recent announcement, they have decided to make the VPN browser extension available for U.S users.You do not have to pay anything – but you will be limited to 12-hour access to test the VPN extension.It […]

How To Change The Default Browser On Windows 10
Not a fan of using Edge as your default browser on Windows 10? Here’s how you can change the default browser on your Windows computer.