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Global Chip Shortage Could Result In Delayed iPads And MacBooks
It has been rumored that Apple could be hosting an event this month where they might unveil new products like iPads and MacBooks. However, to date the company has yet to send out any invites or confirm an event. Were the rumors wrong? Possibly, but there could also be another reason why.

Over 90% Of iPhones And iPads Are Running iOS 14
iOS 14 was released over seven months ago in 2020, and it seems that adoption of the latest major build of iOS is going pretty well because according to the data collected by Mixpanel, they have found that iOS 14’s adoption is over 90%. What this means is that over 90% of eligible iPhones and iPads have been updated to the latest version of iOS.

Alleged Full Screen iPad Mini 6 Shown Off In Mockup
Apple’s iPad mini is actually a rather perfect size. It’s small enough to make it easy to be brought around, but also big enough to make it comfortable for use when reading books, watching videos, surfing the web, and so on. Unfortunately, the design of the iPad mini is kind of dated compared to its larger and newer siblings.

Apple’s 4nm Chipsets Expected To Arrive In 2022
While companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Huawei make their own chipsets for mobile devices, if there is one competitive edge that Apple has over the rest is the manufacturing process where thanks to their partnership with TSMC, Apple has managed to churn out chipsets built on a smaller process compared to the rest.


Apple Expands Independent Repair Program To More Countries
Repairing a product through the official channels is usually recommended. This is because staff have been trained and the parts used are genuine, meaning that they are more or less guaranteed to work. However, going through the official channels can be expensive, which is why many turn to third-party stores.

Apple Originally Planned A Dual Docking System For The Original IPad
Many of us know Apple’s iPad in its current iteration, but clearly this is not the original design that Apple had chosen. Over the years, Apple, like most companies, has gone through various testing, designing, and prototyping stages to find out what works best, so it’s always interesting to see what could have been.

iOS 14.4.2 Will Fix A Dangerous Safari Exploit
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, then you might want to update your devices ASAP. This is because Apple has released iOS 14.4.2 which comes with a fix for an exploit in Safari that could allow for hackers to potentially manipulate websites through cross site scripting when viewed through Safari on your mobile devices.

A14X Chipset For The iPad Pro Revealed In iOS 14.5 Beta
When it comes to the chipsets used in Apple’s iPads, what we’ve seen is that Apple usually uses a variant of its A-series chipsets. This is usually based on the current-gen A-series but with some additional cores unlocked or a slight speed boost. However, this year’s iPad refresh could be rather exciting.

Apple’s March 23 Event Was Apparently Never Real To Begin With
Earlier this month, it was initially rumored that Apple could be hosting an event on the 23rd of March. It made sense as Apple typically hosts an event around this time of the year, plus the date was also revealed by several leaksters who have been known to be extremely accurate with their posts in the past.

Next-Gen iPad Pro Could Sport A Thunderbolt Connection
A recent report from DigiTimes has revealed that Apple’s iPad Pro refresh might have been pushed to April instead of March as previously rumored. Now a report from Bloomberg is corroborating those claims by saying that they too expect the tablet to make its appearance in April.

We Shouldn’t Expect To See A Mini LED iPad Pro So Soon
Apple refreshes its iPad lineup pretty much every year, but this year’s refresh is expected to be rather exciting because if the rumors are to be believed, it could be the first iPad to sport a mini LED display. Unfortunately, it seems that we might have to wait just a bit longer than expected, or at least that’s what a report from DigiTimes is claiming.

Target Might Have Leaked Apple’s Upcoming iPad Pro Refresh
According to the rumors, Apple is set to refresh its iPad Pro lineup soon. Given that the last update took place in early 2020, it makes sense that the next update would take place around the same time this year. Apple has yet to officially announce anything or send out invites, but we reckon it could be soon.

Apple Could Use Randomized Serial Numbers For Future Products
Ever wonder how companies come up with serial numbers for your products? It might seem random, but there is usually a pattern behind it that can identify a product type, year it was made, configuration option, and so on. Apple has been doing that for a while now, but it seems that they want to change it.

Apple Could Be Hosting An Event On March 23
A report from February had suggested that Apple will be hosting an event on the 16th of March. The event was said to introduce a bunch of new Apple products, like the rumored tracking accessory, the AirTags, as well as updates to the iPad lineup where we could see Apple introduce the use of mini LEDs to the tablet.

Alleged Third-Gen Apple Pencil Leaked With Redesigned Tip
When Apple introduced the second-gen Apple Pencil a few years ago, they brought various changes to the design and features of the stylus. This included a matte finish, magnetic charging, and also the ability to double tap on the stylus to change functions while using different types of apps.

OLED iPads And MacBooks Rumored For 2022
Right now, the only OLED devices from Apple are the iPhones and the Apple Watch. However, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually make the jump to mini LEDs for its other products, which is why we have to say we are a bit skeptical to learn about a new rumor from DigiTimes who claims otherwise.

Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Could Be Working On An iPad Mini Pro
Apple’s current iPad lineup consists of several models. There is the smallest iPad mini, the iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. However, there could soon be a fifth iPad model, or at least that’s what a post on Korean blog Naver seems to suggest where they claim that Apple could be working on an alleged iPad mini Pro.

How To Play Stadia On The iPhone And iPad
While Google Stadia does not have an official app on iOS devices yet, it doesn’t mean that iPhone and iPad users are left out of the loop. If you own an iPhone or iPad and want to play Stadia, here’s what you need to do.

iPad Pro With M1-Like Chipset Could Be Launching This Year
For Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, the company uses its A-series of chipsets. This has been that way for years now, but apparently with the upcoming iPad Pro refresh, that could change. This is according to a video from Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg who hinted at a processor change for the iPad Pro refresh.

This Is What A Foldable iPhone Could Look Like
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be developing a foldable iPhone of its own, but the question is what would such a device look like? Thanks to designer Svyatoslav Alexandrov, a video has been published onto the ConceptsiPhone YouTube page that gives us a look at what such a handset could look like if it were to be made.