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2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro Could Be Apple’s First Mini LED Product
According to a report from last week, it was suggested that Apple is ramping up on the number of suppliers for mini LED display panels. We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be switching to the technology, and now a report from DigiTimes claims that come 2021, the first mini LED product we can expect from Apple would be a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

A Bunch Of Companies Banded Together To Fight Against Apple’s App Store
While there are millions of apps in Apple’s App Store, suggesting that many are flocking to Apple’s distribution platform, it was never always a smooth sailing experience. So much so that it seems that a bunch of companies that Apple might have “wronged” in the past have banded together to form what they are calling the Coalition for App Fairness.

iOS 14.0.1 Update Will Fix Default Apps Bug
One of the new features of iOS 14 that users have been anticipating is the ability to set default apps. Previously, website links would typically open in Safari, even if you use Chrome primarily. Email links would also open in the iOS Mail app, despite the fact that users might be using other apps like Outlook, Gmail, and so on.

We Could See Mini LED MacBooks And iPads Sooner Than We Thought
According to the rumors, Apple is apparently looking to make the move to using mini LED display panels in devices. To date, that has not happened and Apple is currently using a mix of LCD and OLEDs from product to product (like LCDs for laptops and desktops, and OLEDs for its iPhones and Apple Watch).


AppleCare+ Just Got A Lot Better
We know that sometimes buying extended warranty can feel a bit like a rip-off, but there are moments when something happens to your device and you’re glad that you did. Now, AppleCare+ is by no means cheap as far as extended warranties are concerned, but it seems that it is now actually more worth it than ever.

Adobe Illustrator Is Coming To The iPad This October
Over the years, Adobe has been bringing several of its professional editing apps over to the iPad. What makes these versions particularly interesting and powerful is that for the most part, they have been built from ground up so that they are optimized for the iPad, as opposed to merely porting the computer version over.

iOS 14 Is Now Available For Download
Heads up iPhone and iPad users, if you have been looking forward to checking out the latest iOS and iPadOS update, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has since officially released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 where both the software updates for Apple’s smartphones and tablets are now available for download.

Apple’s New iPad Air Comes With The New A14 Bionic Chipset
In the past, Apple typically reserves its new chipsets for its iPhones, where they then follow-up with a variant of that chipset designed for the iPad. This year, Apple seems to have taken a different approach because the company’s latest iPad Air has been announced where it will feature the brand new A14 Bionic chipset ahead of the iPhone 12.

One Of Apple’s Most Affordable iPads Just Got An Upgrade
If you’re after an iPad with Apple Pencil support, you might have thought that maybe you would need to buy the iPad Pro. The good news is that if you’d rather not spend that much money, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has updated its iPad lineup (which previously already supported the Apple Pencil) with the 8th gen model that will introduce a bunch of hardware upgrades while keeping […]

Apple Announces An Event For September 15
The other day, we reported that Apple could be announcing an upcoming event this week. It turns out that the rumors were right because on Apple’s YouTube page, the company has set a video to go live on the 15th of September which they have captioned “Time flies”. However, before you get too excited, this isn’t for the iPhone 12.

How To Cancel Your Netflix Subscription
Is Netflix getting a bit too expensive for your liking? If you think that it might be time to end your subscription, here’s how you can quickly and easily cancel your Netflix subscription.

10.8-inch iPad’s Design Revealed In Leaked Schematics
The other day, a series of leaked photos that allegedly shows a new iPad in a pamphlet revealed several changes Apple plans to make to the lower-end iPad lineup. Now thanks to new images shared by 91mobiles, some of those changes seem to have been “confirmed”, or at the very least corroborated.

Leaked iPad Pamphlet Confirms New Design
Save for the iPad Pro, the rest of Apple’s iPad lineup still remains more or less the same in terms of its design, where they still feature large bezels and also a physical home button. However, according to the rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a change in design, although there is the question of when.

How To Download iOS 14 Public Beta
iOS 14 will be bringing a host of new features to Apple’s mobile operating system, but if you can’t wait for the final release, here’s how you can download the public beta to take some of those features for a spin.