If you’re looking for a new external hard drive to complement your newly bought USB 3.0 capable MacBook laptop or Mac computer, then you’re in luck as G-Technology has recently announced an updated line of its G-Drive Mini, Mobile and Slim. All three models have been updated to support USB 3.0, so if Thunderbolt external hard drives are too costly for your liking, then hopefully these will play nicer with your wallet.

Starting with the G-Drive Slim, it features 500GB of storage and comes encased in an aluminum body and will retail for$109.99. The G-Drive Mobile (pictured above) will offer storage options in either 500GB, 750GB or 1TB capacities. However it will come with a USB 3.0 option, which will only feature USB 3.0 connectivity, while the regular version will come with USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 and 400 interfaces. Expect to pay $189.99 for the USB 3.0/FireWire combo, and $159.99 for the USB 3.0-only version.

Next up is the G-Drive Mini that will come in storage options of 750GB and 500GB. It will feature a 2.5” 7,200RPM hard drive and will also sport an aluminum enclosure which should help protect it against bumps and accidental drops. Sporting both USB 3.0 and FireWire connectivity options, the G-Drive Mini will also come with an integrated heat sink to help dissipate some of that heat. The 500GB version will go for $159.99 while the 750GB model will cost you $169.99.

Last but not least is the G-Raid mini which according to G-Technology, has been designed for content creators in mind who need to backup or transfer data while on location. Set up in RAID 0, it will sport two 7,200RPM drives and comes with its own software utility that allows users to configure it in RAID 1 mode. It is the most expensive out of G-Technology’s mobile storage solutions and the 1TB model will cost you $259.99 while the 1.5TB model will go for $359.99.

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