One of the annoying features about wireless keyboards and mice is that depending on the model you get, but when it battery runs low you could be out of a peripheral for the next couple of hours. Well the good news is that if you want a wireless keyboard but you’d rather not have to keep charging it constantly, Intel has demonstrated what they’re referring to as an inductive keyboard. Debuted at Computex, this is a keyboard that makes use of inductive charging and according to the folks at Engadget, it seems that all you’d have to do is place the keyboard on the base of the computer and it should begin charging. However they noted that the charging capabilities was possible even from the side, therefore allowing more freedom of movement. An Intel spokesperson revealed that the company has considered porting the technology over to other accessories. No word on when we will start seeing inductive keyboards but it certainly is a pretty good idea and one we wouldn’t be so quick to discount.

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