Beats by Dre headphones tend to lean towards the more expensive side and while its quality is certainly up for debate, there’s no doubt that these headphones are certainly a popular item to be worn as a fashion accessory. The headphones with the huge “b” logo and the red cable is certainly very eye catching and if you’re looking for a new set of Beats headphones that will definite turn heads and raise a few eyebrows, the latest set of cans which was designed by urban designer Jeff Staple should do the trick. Decked out in different shades of grey, these headphones feature the image of a pigeon on the side and more interestingly, a splat of bird poo on the headband portion of the headphones.

Don’t worry, the bird poo is fake and is painted on but we have to admit that it is pretty clever! Available on in New York at the company’s flagship store in SoHo and Reed Space, it seems that these headphones are something of a collector’s edition and there will only be 500 of these headphones made! Just like other Beats by Dre headphones, these will not come cheap and they are expected to retail for $350 each. Given that there are only 500 available, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were eventually sold out and put on sites like eBay for a whole lot more, so you best hurry if you want to get your hands on them!

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