If you thought that the image above was an ad for a pair of sunglasses, you would be half correct. It’s actually a concept design by Xu Guang Suo and is a pair of glasses designed to help the blind navigate. These glasses comes with an earpiece that allows the blind to visualize their surroundings via sound. According to its designer, there are sensors built into the glasses that will pick up on the surroundings to let them know what’s in front, back or even to the side of them, which we have to admit sound a lot more high tech compared to your typical walking stick. Its designer has even thrown in a microphone for good measure whereby users will be able to talk to the glasses in order to receive feedback, which we guess could be used to ask questions like “Is the light green?” or “Are there steps in front of me? and etc. To top it all off, we have to admit that these Navigation Glasses look pretty sleek and futuristic too. So, what do you guys think?

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