Netflix users in the U.K., Ireland, and Latin America are in for a small treat. That’s because video streaming service provider Netflix has just released a “Recently Added” row to its service for users in the aforementioned areas. While this feature has long been made available in North America, Netflix hopes that the feature will improve title discovery. The new feature will be available for Netflix users who have been using the service for at least one month. Essentially, the “Recently Added” row will showcase thumbnails of the newest content, hence, allowing viewers to get a quick and easy access to the latest movies.

“We’re constantly adding TV programs and films to the Netflix catalogue, so we’ve decided to add a ‘Recently Added’ row to the Netflix experience in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Latin America. This feature, already available on Netflix in the US and Canada, gives members who have been with Netflix for more than one month an easy way to find all of the titles that have been added during the past month. The ‘Recently Added’ row appears not only on the web, but also on game consoles, tablets, phones and all other devices that stream Netflix,” Netflix Vice President of Product Innovation Todd Yelli said.

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