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Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer For Cuphead Animated Series
A couple of years ago, Netflix announced that they would be developing an animated series for the indie hit game, Cuphead. The good news is that it looks like that time is almost upon us because Netflix has since published a teaser trailer for the upcoming series, and we have to say that we’re pretty excited.

Netflix Confirms Castlevania Spin-Off Series In The Works
The fourth season of the Castlevania animated series on Netflix was confirmed to be the last, but it was also reported that Netflix was interested in expanding on the Castlevania universe. The good news for those who have enjoyed the series is that Netflix has since confirmed that a new spin-off series is in the works.

More Information Revealed About Netflix’s Plan To Expand To Video Games
While all-you-can-consume subscription programs aren’t new, Netflix’s name has kind of been synonymous with that, which is why people call things the “Netflix” of something to indicate that you pay a single subscription and have full access to everything. It seems that that is the approach the company could go for for its video game service.

Netflix Could Be Considering Getting Into Video Games
Netflix is known for one thing and one thing only, video streaming of TV shows and movies. However, it seems that the company wants to expand beyond videos and could be looking to get into video games. This is according to a report from The Information (paywall) where their sources have told them that Netflix has approached veteran game industry execs to help lead their expansion into video games.


Trailer For Netflix’s Final Season Of ‘Castlevania’ Released
While TV show or movie adaptions of video games have never really fared that well in the past, Netflix’s Castlevania series has actually been quite a hit amongst fans and viewers. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end because if you recall, Netflix did confirm that the last season of Castlevania will be released next month.

Netflix Announces Final Season For Castlevania For May 13
For the past few years, Netflix has been releasing new seasons for their Castlevania animated series. For those who are looking forward to the next season, you will be pleased to learn that Netflix has announced the release date which is currently set for the 13th of May. However, the company also announced that this will be the final season in the series.

Live-Action Gundam Movie Announced For Netflix
Live-action movies involving massive robots battling against each other or monsters aren’t new, but to date we have yet to see that treatment given to popular anime series Gundam, at least until now. Netflix has announced that they will be developing a live-action movie set in the Gundam universe which will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Netflix Is Looking To Crackdown On Password Sharing
Depending on which Netflix plan you subscribe to, you could have up to multiple simultaneous streams going on at once. The idea is that this is meant to be used within a household where you might be watching one show on Netflix and your other family members could be watching something else.

Netflix Is Creating A Terminator Animated Series
To date, there have been many movies made around the Terminator franchise. There has also been TV series made based on it, but if you’re a fan and you’re hoping for more, you’re in luck because Netflix has recently announced that they will be developing a new animated series also based on Terminator.

Should Apple Have Acquired Netflix? Analyst Thinks It Was Apple’s Biggest Mistake
Apple is kind of late to the streaming game, but the thing is, so was Disney, but yet Disney+ is pulling miles ahead of Apple with some believing that Disney+ could even overtake Netflix by 2026. This is why Wedbush analyst Dan Ives thinks that one of Apple’s biggest mistakes in the last decade or so was not buying Netflix.

Netflix Can Now Automatically Download Shows It Thinks You Want To Watch
Netflix allows users to download TV shows and movies from its catalogue for offline viewing. They even have a Smart Downloads feature that automatically downloads episodes of a series you’re watching and delete the previous one so that you can keep watching the series if you’re offline.

Valve’s Dota 2 Will Be Getting Its Own Animated Series On Netflix
Dota 2 is one of the most played games around the world, with Valve hosting an annual tournament that brings the best players together with prize money that puts more traditional sporting competitions to shame. That being said, we’re not surprised that they are looking to expand on the franchise.

Disney+ Could Overtake Netflix In The Next 5 Years
Right now Netflix is pretty much sitting at the top of the list when it comes to streaming. Despite being late to the party, Disney+ is actually doing pretty well for itself and seems to be rising rapidly, but could it rise fast enough where it might eventually overtake Netflix? Turns out that some think that is a possibility, a possibility that could occur in the next 5 years.

Netflix’s Zelda TV Show Was Cancelled Due To A Leak
Some of you might have heard that a few years ago, there was a rumor that suggested that Netflix and Nintendo were working together to develop a TV series based on The Legend of Zelda franchise. Nintendo was quick to shut those rumors down, and now according to a new report from The Serf Times, the show has been cancelled.

Netflix Testing A Sleep Timer For Its Android App
Sometimes after a long day at work or school, we might fall asleep to Netflix playing in the background. This can be annoying as you might wake up and Netflix would have played several episodes and you’ll have to go back and find where you stopped. However, that could change soon with a new sleep timer.

A Tomb Raider Anime Series Will Be Coming To Netflix
While movies based around video games have kind of flopped, it seems that when adapted into different formats like TV shows and animated series, they have fared much better. Netflix’s The Witcher series and its Castlevania series have both done extremely well, and now it looks like the company is trying its hand at yet another video game franchise.

Netflix’s Android App Updated With ‘Studio Quality’ Audio
One of the problems with listening to audio on our smartphones is that it isn’t quite as good compared to dedicated speakers or even a proper set of headphones. This is because speakers on our smartphones are tiny and given the size of our phones, it doesn’t leave a lot of space for it to vibrate, which in turns does affect the overall sound quality.

Netflix To Roll Out A Shuffle Feature In The Coming Months
Netflix is home to a ton of movies and TV shows, some of which are displayed prominently on the main page, while others are hidden behind a search. This means that there could be a ton of movies and TV shows that you could be missing out on, and Netflix thinks that they have a way to get you to watch that.

Netflix Handily Beats Its Own Expectations, Hits 200 Million Subscribers Worldwide
It’s safe to say that despite all the newcomers to the streaming industry, Netflix is still pretty much dominating. According to the company’s latest earnings, they have revealed that they now have over 200 million subscribers worldwide. This is about an increase of 8.5 million subscribers from the previous quarter.

Netflix Testing Spatial Audio Support For AirPods Pro, AirPods Max
One of the problems with using headphones is that sometimes the sound can come across as being a bit one-dimensional. This is usually because of the size of headphones, where only so many drivers can be squeezed into such a small space, thus reducing its ability to create a soundstage that one might expect from a more traditional pair of speakers.