Apple originally launched iWork back in 2005 and has since been updating it on a regular basis with a gap of 1-2 years, at least until recently where iWork ’09 has not been updated since 2009, leaving many to wonder what plans Apple had for their productivity. While this is not to say that it isn’t usable, it just seems “old” compared to its competition from Microsoft and other productivity suites. That might soon change thanks to the folks at MacTrast who had a running version of OS X Mountain Lion Preview 3.

Now it seems that when attempting to open a file downloaded from iCloud, they were prompted with the message in the screenshot above, asking them to use a newer version of iWork to do so. It should be noted that they were running the latest update for iWork which has them speculating that Apple could be unveiling a new iWork soon.

Of course it might be a stretch, not to mention that OS X Mountain Lion Preview 3 can hardly be called the final version, but given the 3 year gap since its last refresh, we guess it would not be completely out of the question for Apple to launch iWork ’12 or whatever they want to call it.

Either way with Apple’s WWDC coming up in a couple of weeks, we guess we will wait and see what they could be announcing then, so check back with us then for the details.

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