Pocket TV is a simple concept: what if a smart HDMI dongle could turn your TV into an Android device? As you have guessed, the idea is that Pocket TV is a Micro computer that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0. It looks like a USB memory key, but it is a real Android computer.Now, the idea of having a micro-computer doesn’t stop at making TVs start. You can also take it with you anywhere, and as long as you can connect it to an HDMI port, you’ve got your computer with you.

Inside, there is a 1GHz processor (most likely single-core), 512MB of RAM and a graphics processor that supports 1080p resolutions to match the highest options available on most TVs. There is a micro-SD card to extend the storage if you need to, and that’s several GBs of data right there. Finally, there us a USB 2.0 port to communicate with external devices, like mouse, webcams etc…

TVs are not touch-screen enabled, so there is an IR remote for the Pocket TV device. A more fancy “air” remote with a full QWERTY keyboard is available if you want to use gestures to move the mouse cursor. At the moment, Pocket TV is not a product yet. Its creators are using Kickstarter to fund the project. It’s worth taking a look – what do you think?

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