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LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R: World’s First Rollable TV
LG has been going extremely well in the high-end TV market, and the new model 65R9 of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R series will further increase the halo effect that the company is enjoying across its OLED televisions.

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2016
And it’s a wrap! CES 2016 is over. The 49th CES has brought more attendees and attention than ever. With 170k attendees (50k from abroad) and 6000 journalists and analysts, this was the largest CES ever. It is simply impossible to see everything, but we all thrived to tell you what we thought were the most interesting, sometimes out of the box, products of the show. This is our selection, […]

New Sharp Aquos TVs Go On Sale In The US
CES 2014 has come and gone, and that was when Sharp of Japan introduced a slew of new HDTVs for the masses under their Aquos branding. Well, we are glad to bring you word that some of the announced devices have started to become available for purchase for those of us living in the good ol’ US of A. For instance, the Sharp Quattron+ range can be purchased if you […]

80” HDTVs Recreate ‘Virtual Balcony Staterooms’ On Cruise Ship
Anyone who has watched James Cameron’s Titanic would be able to remember the immortal moment when Jack and Rose “flew” on the bow of the ship, but in real life, getting such a window suite is not going to be that easy unless you wield plenty of clout and influence. Those who are late in their bookings will not have to lose out on such an experience, although you would […]


LG + WebOS = Simpler TV? Possibly!
[CES 2014] It wasn’t a complete secret that LG wanted to use Web OS in its TVs, at least to begin with, but the company has now made it official: Web OS will take LG smart TVs to the next level. This is not the Web OS that you may have known from the Palm days. LG might be using the core code, but it has revisited the user interface […]

Toshiba L7400 55-inch TV Is Feature-Packed
[CES 2014] At CES 2014, Toshiba is positioning itself to “win in the long-term” as the company puts it, and while it is not an easy thing to do, Toshiba’s new TV line up does have some very interesting features. The L7400 is a 55-inch model which is one of the best-selling sizes on the American market. In terms of image quality, this television has a full array of LED […]

Sharp 4K Ultra HD LED TV Now Available
Sharp has just made their Sharp 4K Ultra HD LED TV available to the masses, and they are asking a cool $7,500 a pop for it. Just so that you know, the Sharp 4K Ultra HD LED TV comes with a catalog of bragging rights, including being the first THX 4K Certified TV and only 70″ Class Ultra HD TV in the world, at least for the time being until […]

Hands-On: Samsung Curved OLED TV Review
Samsung announced today they would be bringing its 55-inch Curved OLED TV (Model# KN55S9C) to the U.S. market, which was previously only made available in Korean markets, for a MSRP of $8999. As the name suggest, the Curved OLED TV uses the the same floating design that was introduced earlier this year at CES, which gives the viewer the feeling content is “floating.” We were given some time to get […]

Samsung KN55S9C Curved OLED TV Retails For $8999.99
The rumors were true: the Samsung’s 55” Curved OLED TV has become available today at select locations on the U.S retail market, for the price of $9000. Named, Samsung KN55S9C, this TV is already available in Korea and uses the same “floating” design language introduced for the first time at CES for a non-curved display. The concept remains the same: the fame around the TV is designed to make the […]

6K Continues To Push The Visual Boundary
While 4K video is still relatively rare, and you will not find 4K TV channels (let alone 4K TVs that are mighty expensive in relation to Full HDTVs) widespread in most countries around the world, the technological wizards have already continued marching forward in their quest for ever higher resolution counts that will make your eyes pop out in amazement. In fact, 6K (that would mean 6000 x 3000 pixels) […]

VIZIO M-Series Razor LED TV Available
At CES 2013, Vizio had announced and showed us their 2013 line of LED TVs and it looks like the M-Series Razor is finally available for those who are looking for a TV upgrade. In my opinion, this is a very nice upgrade from last year’s line-up since both the design and performance of the TVs have been improved. VIZIO is in the business of building products which have a […]

Eye+ Delivers A Breathtaking View Regardless Of Room
Whether one likes it or not, those living in large cities, eking out a living, would stay in an apartment. Mind you, I am referring to “shoeboxes” in essence, and definitely not one of those posh penthouses. The thing is, regardless of how small your apartment is, having a decent view is definitely worth looking into, and it would also ultimately affect the selling or rental price. Don’t you wish […]

Sony HDTVs With Quantum Dot Technology Start To Ship
At each iteration of CES, it would not be complete if there were not rows of the latest generation TVs to wow the masses. It just works somehow, especially when you have plenty of high definition material to dazzle the viewers and attendees. Sony’s booth at CES 2013 was not short on eye candy either, where their HDTV line up saw the introduction of features such as NFC, MHL and […]

Philips DesignLine TV Blends Right In
Philips must be thinking out of the box as they do not seem to be too hot and bothered by Ultra HDTV sets that rolled off from the manufacturing lines of its rivals, but rather, would want to concentrate on beautifying your home by blending in their offerings with the rest of your abode. Case in point, Philips’ latest 46-inch and 55-inch DesignLine TVs that comprise of a single sheet […]

Sceptre 32-inch LED HDTV Comes With MHL Technology Now
When it comes to highly affordable HDTVs that offer a fair amount of functionality, the name Sceptre would definitely come into mind. Well, the Sceptre 32-inch LED HDTV (which should be the entry level HDTV for anyone who wants their home to look modern) is now proud to support MHL technology. Wait a minute here, you say, just what the heck is MHL technology? No, it has nothing to do […]

Apple HDTV On Track, Says Analyst
Do you know what does the unicorn and the Apple HDTV have in common? Both of them remain in the realm of fantasy, although the probability of the Apple HDTV making the jump into our fabric of space and time is a whole lot higher than finding an actual unicorn in this day and age. While many folks have given up on the Apple HDTV at least in the immediate […]

Archos TV Connect Androidfies Your HTDV
Archos is coming up with a new product called Archos TV Connect, and the company said that it will turn any HDTV into an Android Smart TV that can use the “full Android eco-system”. The interaction will happen thanks to a special QWERTY remote, which also acts as a game controller. Maybe you won’t have to wait for OUYA after all.The remote control understands gestures, so swiping work just like […]

LG Televisions To Feature OLED, UHD And New User Experience At CES 2013
[CES 2013] LG has announced that it will demonstrate a new range of televisions including a huge 84″ that features a UHD/4K resolution, and a 55-inch OLED model which will be the follow-up of last year’s introduction of OLED televisions as official LG “commercial products”. It’s clear that UHD is best demonstrated with larger sizes and so far, most 84″ television that we’ve seen (including Sony’s own Sony XBR-84X900 84″ […]

Sharp Unveils 60-inch Ultra-HDTV
Sharp has just unveiled its best and most expensive television. Dubbed as the ICC Purios, the 6-inch Ultra HD television is expected to hit the Japanese market on the 20th of February next year. Sharp says that its 4K TV will cost Y2,625,000 or around $31,283, and that it will be sold on a made-to-order basis. Sony has yet to decide whether or not it will sell the 4K TV […]

LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV Gets FCC Approval
LG’s elusive 55-inch OLED HDTV has been the subject of countless rumors and speculations. First unveiled at CES 2012, the 55-inch OLED HDTV is reported to be around 4mm thick, and weighing just 16lbs. Contrary to our previous report, it seems that the gargantuan HDTV from LG is launching soon. That’s because an LG device with the code 55EM9700-UA appeared recently in FCC’s database.