Depending on your profession or the activity you’re participating in, getting a gauge on the speed, direction and temperature of the wind might be of extreme importance. Perhaps during a game of golf or if you were planning on taking a sail boat out or maybe even during photoshoots to prevent the wind from interfering with the shoot. Either way if such an accessory sounds like a great idea to you, then you might be interested to learn that Shaka has developed a gadget for the iPhone along with an accompanying app that allows users to read the wind speed, direction and temperature via a small and portable accessory.

As pictured above, the accessory will plug into your iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack and will communicate with the app installed for on your phone. The information that it gathers can also be shared with your friends on your social network, although we’re not sure why anyone would do so. The accessory has yet to hit production but it is apparently in its final stages of production, so if you’d like to own this device, pop on over to Shaka’s website to leave your email address where they will then contact you once it has been released.

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