So maybe you’re the type that spends all day in front of the computer. Or days even. This could result in a somewhat unkempt appearance and if you’re too lazy or too reluctant to leave your seat (maybe you’re playing an extremely intense game), what do you do when you want to shave? This is where ShaveTech comes in with their USB electric razor. Yup you read that right, instead of being powered batteries or a plug in the wall, you can now power your shaver via USB which means that you can shave right in front of your computer. Putting the extremities aside, the USB functionality can prove to be pretty handy especially while travelling. Instead of having to find an adapter or get a new cable to plug into a power outlet in a foreign country, you can now just plug the shaver into your laptop and start shaving! However we can’t speak for the effectiveness of ShaveTech’s electric razor and if it will do a good job of shaving, but if you’re curious and you don’t mind owning a somewhat novel piece of technology, you will be able to order one via ShaveTech’s website for $39.99.

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