Amazon Cloud PlayerAmazon also has a stake in the world of smartphone music, and earlier this morning, we talked about Spotify for Android getting an update that carries a personalized radio, and before lunch, there was word on Samsung rolling out their very own Samsung Music Hub. Amazon is certainly not going to just sit down, lay back and let the world pass them by. No sir, Amazon decided to get their feet wet in news by announcing improvements made to their Cloud Player services as well as the Amazon MP3 application.

So far, we know that Amazon did come to an agreement with the rest of the major record labels out there, allowing Amazon Cloud Player to perform its very own iTunes Match-style scan of your entire music collection. To put it in a nutshell, your life is now a whole lot easier since you are freed from having to upload the entire gamut of your files. Not only that, audio quality should see an improvement, as even if your files are of a low quality, the moment Amazon matches them with its library, your ears will enjoy streamed copies at 256kbps. [Press Release]

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