Samsung Music HubIt looks like Samsung isn’t content with just pushing out electronics and is thinking of invading the music space as well. The company today announced the launch of the Samsung Music Hub in the US. The Samsung Music hub is is touted as the first completely integrated, all-in-one music service and is catered to everybody who is interested in music. From folks who want access to their own music collection, those with ever-changing music tastes or want to sample a broad selection of music and genres, to those who prefer listening to radio.

The Samsung Music Hub makes use of the recently acquired mSpot technology and lets users stream on-demand content as well as store music for offline playing. Users can access millions of songs (for purchase or previews) from the 7digital catalog which includes music from Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner, and select independents. Purchased music will be stored in the cloud, and can be played via the Music Hub web app or mobile app (currently only available for the Galaxy S3).

Samsung Music Hub Premium ($9.99/month) users will also be able to use the scan & match cloud locker for an easy way to bring their entire music collection online, purchase and stream the entire 7digital Music Hub catalog, personalize and create custom radio stations, and more.

It sure looks like Samsung is trying to beat Spotify and iTunes at their own game. Even though it’s limited to the Galaxy S3 for now, it looks like a pretty good start for the company. As soon as it expands to include more devices, the Samsung Hub could be a worthy competitor against its already established competition.

[Press Release | Samsung Music Hub]

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