Last month, the folks over at Wired put up an article about shady developers selling access to beta versions of iOS and it looks like the illegal activity has finally gotten Apple’s attention. For those not in the know – developers are allowed to authorize up to 100 devices to install and use betas of future iOS versions. While developers have to pay $99 a year for this privilege, they’ve managed to turn it into a business by selling off activations at around $9 per device.

Wired’s article exposed the situation, and since then it looks like Apple has been cracking down on such websites that offer the service. According to reports online, a number of the sites that were mentioned in the write-up are now unavailable. It looks like Apple doesn’t want early versions of iOS leaking out to the public and would rather they wait for the final version to be released. No word on what will happen to folks who have illegally activated their devices in this manner (probably nothing will). Have any of you tried using one of these services before?

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