It was yesterday morning when we brought you confirmation from EA (Electronic Arts) that Battlefield 4 beta access will be made available for each Warfighter (of Medal of Honor fame) pre-order, but it seems that just like how there is more than one road to Rome, so too, will there be different methods to enjoy some beta goodness. In fact, a Battlefield community manager has stepped forward to say, “There will be other ways to get into the beta,” so if this comes from the horse’s mouth itself, we have no doubt that it will also be true unless there are some last minute changes made to the original plan.

Right now, purchasing a copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s Limited Edition is the “only way to guarantee entry” into Battlefield 4 beta that is set to roll out sometime next year. Many speculate that access to Battlefield 4’s beta will more or less take the same route as how EA handled access into the Battlefield 3 beta in the September of 2011. If you are a gamer, can you afford to skip the beta and wait for the real deal instead?

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