Now here is a home improvement idea that is worth looking into – the Binatone Celsius Kettle that actually tells the temperature of water inside (not too sure if you are going to use the kettle to boil anything else other than water, of course) thanks to a color-coded glow. Forget about using just your ears to hear the steam absolutely making a scream of the situation by boiling water, as the Binatone Celsius Kettle will be able to do so visually. This rather elegant looking transparent vessel will rest on a hi-tech base which shows off a spectrum of colors that range from blue to red in order to communicate the current temperature of the liquid inside.

The induction process is used to boil the water, hence doing away the need for hot coils – resulting in a far better looking aesthetic design. Three buttons are located on the side of the circular stand, letting you opt for three different temperatures – 80 degrees, 90 and 100 degrees Celsius, while another button located on the ergonomic handle will ensure the content inside the kettle is kept warm for your use.

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