The world of robotics has advanced to a point where we can even enjoy telepresence communications, and the Botiful is one of such devices that oozes with a cuteness level of unprecedented nature. Basically, the Botiful telepresence robot’s looks are extremely hard to resist, where it will hook you up to your loved ones and friends over a smartphone. Sporting a trio of wheels, the Botiful will enable remote users to control it over Skype, and the three wheels will help propel it around. Not only that, it is tiny enough to fit in your computer bag, making it a highly portable device wherever you go.

Similar to a computer mouse that runs on wheels, the Botiful is more than just another spot for your smartphone to rest. Functioning as a standalone device, whenever one places a Skype video call over it with the user, the Botiful telepresence robot will work to its primary ability. The caller is able to check out all of the directional controls which enable them to manipulate the Botiful so that it functions as an active segment of the conversation. As the handset is held in place using a magnet, it will communicate over a Bluetooth connection. On-screen directional controls also allows users to move it around so that there are different perspectives to view from. There is nearly half the amount of time left on the clock to raise the relevant funds.

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