Have you noticed how things seem to get more and more automated these days? Even the humble toilet has gotten all the more automated than ever before. We have for a long time had an automatic flush at the urinal and porcelain throne, an automatic soap dispenser, an automatic tap, so why not an automatic toilet paper dispenser? Automatic paper tower dispensers are dime a dozen, but this is the first time I have come across a device that does the same for toilet paper – useful after you have laid a particularly nasty bunch of logs. Developed by Shikoku, it will fold and cut toilet paper automatically, where you can then take it without ever having to touch the dispenser.

This is clearly a higher level of personal hygiene in public places than ever before. What next, automatic sliding doors in cubicles, as well as automatic toilet seats that raise or lower themselves, depending on whether you are about to sit on it or have finished your “business”? Right now, Shikoku’s Camitool sees action in hospitals and in public buildings in Kagawa. It works with just about all brands of toilet paper in the market.

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