Robots have certainly come a long way to help assist us in our everyday life, and we have seen our fair share of land-based humanoid robots in addition to those robots that ply their trade in the air. How about robots which will go through the waters of the world? This might just convince those paranoid androids (humans, actually) that there is a pending robot apocalypse coming your way – and the introduction of the Mantabot could very well usher in this era. The Mantabot was specially designed to mimic the swimming style of a manta ray, and this is yet another instance of nature that has proved to be the instrument of inspiration for modern day technology.

Not only that, roboticists have successfully accomplished this particular goal with an extremely creepy and realistic effect. Professor Hilary Bart-Smith from the University of Virginia claims that this particular robot was specially meant to explore the future of bio-mechanical engineering after checking out the special way in which manta rays actually weave their way through water. Just check out the video above and see for yourself!

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