If there is one particular flaw of modern day consumer electronics, it would be the battery used in such devices. There does seem to be a chance of a battery simply melting down or bursting into flames, where the risk is increased even more when said device is charging. Well, a Japanese government agency is currently opening up an investigation file into reports of PS Vitas frying. In fact, Sony of Japan had already submitted a total of 31 cases that concerned Vita consoles damaged during the charging process to the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation for further assessment.

It seems that the affected PS Vita units overheated during the charging process to the point of product damage, but thankfully, no injuries were reported. In the report, Sony cited 23 examples of damaged Vitas that hail from Japan, while another 8 units come from different territories. A Sony representative did step forward to say that there is no manufacturing fault attributed to the damage, which is good news. Too bad affected owners will not be able to rely on a recall exercise, and if your Vita actually ended up fried somewhat, you will have to fork out your very own repair fees.

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