A day before the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is announced to the masses, Sony will be holding its Gamescom press conference on August 14th, and originally, many people thought that this is the date to circle on your respective calendars as Sony prepares to announce its next iteration of the Sony PS3 to the masses, better known by its model number as PS3-4000. Well, a source of VG247 has touted otherwise, saying that the PS3-4000 will still remain in hiding when the Gamescom press conference rolls around this August 14th.

I guess it will still be some time before the slimmest PS3 model to date (obviously the PS3-4000) is announced. While the announcement was originally planned to happen on that date, it seemed that current stock levels of existing Ps3 builds are still way too high for Sony to risk what many deem as their last improvement on the PS3’s design before the fabled PlayStation 4 rides to the forefront of our consciousness on a unicorn across a rainbow bridge.

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