Robots do make plenty of difference on the battlefield in terms of defusing bombs, helping save lives in the process since no one needs to endanger one’s life unnecessarily. I guess the same can be said for other dangerous assignments off the battlefield as well, as police and FBI agents relied on a robot to help disarm a tripwire as well as clear bombs from the apartment of James Holmes, the 24-year old suspect in the recent shocking Denver, Colorado shooting. According to the relevant authorities, all hazardous items from the unit has been cleared thanks to the help of a robot, and residents around the area are now able to return to their respective abodes.

It was reported that the “skillfully driven” robot managed to successfully neutralize an oxidizing agent as well as fuel that is located just inside the door, in addition to the improvised explosive device (IED), not to mention triggering mechanisms, wires and fuses. Good job guys – hopefully there will not be a single bit of the apartment that is overlooked.

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