According to entrepreneur Filip Sobotka, there is a solution to Toronto’s falling glass problems, potentially coming in the form factor of a robot that is known as SAM. This particular device was developed by Filip’s family, which might eventually see the speeding up of building inspections while delivering additional information to determine a building’s health simultaneously. This could not have come at a more timely moment considering how Toronto has been a hotspot for a rising number of accidents that involved glass from highrise buildings crashing down onto the streets below.

Sobotka mentioned to CBC News, “The amount of highrises that are going up in this city and the issues that keep coming up … it keeps going so we think this is very important, before someone gets injured. When a person’s up there they can make errors, they can miss something, they only have one shot unless they go up again to view it.”

The SAM robot is said to be able to scan the whole building’s exterior in a far lesser time and for a fraction of the cost compared to human engineers relying on a swing stage or bosun’s chair to go through a handful of selected spots. I like it – not only is it more efficient, but it helps save lives as well.

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