A while back, there were rumors that suggested that the only reason Nintendo created the Wii U Pro controller was because some publishers refused to release games on the upcoming Wii U console if they did not have a more “conventional” gamepad.  While not exactly confirming the rumors about the publisher aspect, Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi explained the reason behind the creation of the Wii U Pro in an interview with Gameplanet, which was to help open up multi-platform support to third-party developers.

“Adding a Pro controller may make it easier for multi-platform games to come out on the system”,  […] Wii remotes don’t have things like analog sticks. To make it as easy as possible to enjoy certain multiplayer experiences it was important to have that Pro controller.

We’re all gamers as well and we appreciate the interest of those [hardcore] gamers, and we don’t want them to feel left out, so we’re making big strides and changes in that area.”

What do you guys think? Will we start seeing more ‘hardcore’ games, typically found on consoles like the PS3 and 360, make their way onto Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U gaming console?

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