Zyvex Marine, a division of Zyvex Technologies and developer of nanotech lightweight boats, has launched its latest creation – the LRV-17. The LRV-17 is a 17-meter advanced Long Range Vessel that is built for speeds of up to 40 knots with a range of over 1,500 nautical miles. The LRV-17 uses a deep-V hull with an active gyroscope stabilizer that will significantly improve sea handling while reducing factors that can cause human fatigue. By default, the vessel is manned with two operators on it, although four additional seats can be added as well to allow a six-man crew on board.

Built from a carbon fiber nano-composite system, the LRV-17 is more lightweight, more fuel-efficient, and has more range. According to the company, a maritime security company based in Dubai called Global Maritime Security Solutions (GMSS) will be the first to use utilize the LRV-17 for maritime security purposes, particularly protection against pirates in the coast of Africa as well as surrounding areas.

In 2011, the Council on Foreign Relations has recorded over 439 piracy attacks around the world with damages amounting to almost $7 billion. “The new LRV-17 boats are game changers in maritime security missions because they are the only vessels capable of long range escort and high speeds to deal with multiple pirate threats. They need only small security teams to effectively operate,” said Rhynhardt Berrange, Managing Director of GMSS.

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