I am quite sure that when you run an operation as large as Amazon’s, there are bound to be moments in your corporate history where there has been shipment to the wrong address, or even mixed up orders. However, how many orders were actually as botched up as this – where a man known as Seth Horvitz placed an order for a new HDTV, but ended up with a spanking new assault rifle instead? I guess somewhere else in the world, a potential terrorist, an avid huntsman, or a firearms collector must be stumped to receive a HDTV instead. It needs to be stressed that Amazon was not the seller despite shipping a Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic assault weapon to Horvitz’s doorstep.

Attempts to contact the seller were not met with any reply, and Horvitz duly notified the Metropolitan Police Department. The Metropolitan Police Department swiftly confiscated the weapon after being stunned by the entire situation after a while. So much for a 39″ Westinghouse LED TV that Horvitz ordered! Hopefully he gets his TV sooner rather than later though.

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