One of the perks about owning an Amazon device, like the Kindle Fire, is that you get access to Amazon’s ecosystem which includes music, videos, an app store of their own and of course Amazon’s core competency, an e-commerce outlet where books, gadgets, toys, and etc. can be found. Now it looks like Apple wants in on the action too, according to a report by the Business Insider  who claims that Apple is currently in talks with Pinterest’s rival, The Fancy. For those wondering it is, it’s similar to Pinterest in which users can post things they find interesting, i.e. paintings, weird utensils, gadgets, accessories and the likes and will ultimately link users to the places where they can buy them from.

It is unclear as to what Apple will do with The Fancy, although it has been suggested that The Fancy’s services could be linked up with the PassBook feature that has been built into iOS 6. However since these are merely rumors for now, we suggest taking it with a grain of salt at least until a more official statement has been given. But what do you guys think? Would it be cool if Apple started offering its users the opportunity to purchase a larger variety of products that might not necessarily be tech-related?

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