While holsters for smartphones are a pretty common sight, for some reason when magnetic holsters are suggested, we think of Blackberry phones. For those who haven’t seen these holsters before, it basically features a magnet embedded into the holster which allows the phone to lock when put into the holster, and unlock when pulled out. At the same time it also allowed the phone to open apps such as email when one is received without having to navigate to the app itself. It’s pretty convenient although holsters might not be for everyone. In any case if you loved the idea on Blackberry phones, it seems that this feature will be part of Blackberry 10 devices as well.

This was confirmed in the Blackberry 10 Beta SDK Arrival Boards, where it states (in the screenshot pictured above) that BPS Holster Service is scheduled to be part of the Native Beta SDK. This will allow developers to determine whether the device is in its holster or not, and design apps that might be able to take advantage of the feature. While it might not be the sort of glitz and glamor a regular consumer might be looking forward to, the efficiency of the holster could be one appreciated by high flying executives on the go who need to access information quickly.

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