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WhatsApp BlackBerry 10 Support Ends June 30th
WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging service in the world that’s used to send billions of messages every single day. It’s available on a wide variety of platforms but the Facebook-owned service has also been reducing its presence on platforms that are no longer relevant. BlackBerry 10 and BBOS are two such platforms that WhatsApp has confirmed that it will end support for them come June 30th.

Latest BlackBerry Job Cut Feeds Speculation About BB10
BlackBerry was one of the last major handset makers that created both the software and hardware for its smartphones. The strategy worked well for it in the previous decade while Apple continues to win with it now. Many OEMs have just decided to license Android from Google and not bother with creating their own OS. However, it’s been a while since BlackBerry released a handset powered by BB10 OS, and […]

BlackBerry 10.3.2 And BlackBerry Blend 1.2 Update To Hit BB10 Devices Soon
BlackBerry 10 devices will receive the version 10.3.2 OS update in coming weeks. The company revealed that the update will be received by the complete range of BB10 devices.

BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 Released
BlackBerry has released a major software update today which brings a handful of new features for older BB10 smartphones that haven’t received a major update since OS 10.2.1 in 2014. It brings features that came preinstalled on latest devices, the BlackBerry Passport and Classic, so OS 10.3.1 is going to appeal more to users who have devices like the Z30, Z3, Z10, Q10 and the Q5. The update is also being […]


BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Update Set To Arrive This February 19 (Rumor)
For those of you who are still chugging along nicely to a BlackBerry handset, well, here is news for you that would definitely lift your spirits for the coming week. I am referring to the BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 update which is said (heard via the grapevine) to be arriving later this coming February 19th, now how about that? This update will target all of the company’s existing smartphone range which […]

BlackBerry 10.3.1 Being Prepped For February 2015 Release
While BlackBerry has introduced the BlackBerry Classic earlier today, which is a spanking new smartphone that runs on the BlackBerry 10.3.1 operating system, where it will come with a slew of new software features including an improved camera performance alongside BlackBerry Assistant. For those who happen to own a brand new BlackBerry 10 smartphone and do not want to take the step to upgrade, you will be getting BlackBerry 10.3.1 […]

Existing BlackBerry 10 Devices Will Skip OS 10.3
BlackBerry held the launch event for its new flagship today in three major cities around the world where it not only unveiled the BlackBerry Passport but also showed off a new service called BlackBerry Blend. During the demo of its new smartphone the company focused on BlackBerry OS 10.3, a major update for its mobile platform that comes with updates for almost all aspects of the OS. BlackBerry reiterated at […]

Polled BlackBerry Users Want BlackBerry 10 To Be Themable
One of the more customizable features of Android is the ability to theme it however you want, and the best part is that depending on the level of customization, you might not even need root access to be able to do it. This is compared to other platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10 which are more rigid, where customization is basically changing the wallpaper and the ringtone.However it […]

BlackBerry 10 Receives Full Operational Capability Certification By Department Of Defense
BlackBerry phones used to be the darling of the enterprise and government sector but with the Canadian company falling behind the competition, we have started to see companies and governments start to swap out BlackBerry phones for iOS or Android devices.That being said, it looks like despite the White House potentially considering the use of non-BlackBerry devices, the Canadian company has achieved something that no other company has yet, which […]

Microsoft OneDrive For BlackBerry 10 Arrives
BlackBerry owners who find the cloud a fascinating place for you to stash away your collection of files and content will be pleased to hear that BlackBerry World now carries their very own Microsoft OneDrive app. The OneDrive app has already arrived on other platforms, Android included, where you will be able to determine whether you would want to have pictures as well as videos saved there automatically. Apart from […]

Viber Working To Bring Their App To BlackBerry 10
Viber, for those unfamiliar, is an app that allows users to call one another for free and send instant messages as well. The app is available on a variety of platforms except for BlackBerry 10. This was confirmed back in 2013 where Viber stated that they had no plans to support BlackBerry 10 anytime soon.Well the good news is that it looks like Viber could be having a change of […]

BlackBerry 10 QWERTY Prototype Photos Leaked
It has been a while since BlackBerry launched any new devices, the last smartphone to come out of Waterloo was the Z30, which was basically an enlarged version of the Z10. The company’s hardware division hasn’t been able to produce a hit for quite some time now, but with the new leadership taking charge a few months back, there are once again signs of a possible comeback. BlackBerry has reiterated […]

BBM 2.0 Brings Voice Calling, Channels, Dropbox And More
Last year BlackBerry Messenger was finally opened up to iOS and Android. When the app was launched, it didn’t come with all of the features that were exclusive to BBM on BlackBerry smartphones, features such as voice calling and BBM Channels. Back then the company said that it was working on quite a few features that would be rolled out as BBM 2.0 in 2014. It has delivered on its […]

BlackBerry Dropped Plans To Release Two More BB10 Devices
It has almost been an entire year since BlackBerry set upon its perceived path to recovery, with great fanfare. The company conducted six separate events in six different cities around the world to celebrate the launch of its new platform, BlackBerry 10 and the announcement of two new devices, the Z10 and the Q10. Both devices failed to make their mark, and the Z30 didn’t prove to be a hit […]

BBM For BlackBerry 10 Beta Features Real Time Location Sharing And Voice Notes
If BlackBerry has anything going for it right now, its certainly BBM. The once iconic BlackBerry exclusive messaging service was opened up to iOS and Android earlier this year and it gained a lot of popularity. 20 million people signed up in the first week alone, whereas BlackBerry Messenger was able to pull in 40 million new users overall across both platforms. The company is committed to BBM and continues […]

Recent Sensor Issues On BlackBerry 10 Devices Were Due To Corrupt Server Data
We reported yesterday that a lot of BlackBerry 10 owners were complaining about the sensors on their devices going haywire. The issues were being noticed after users updated to BB10.2 OS. Sensors which were affected included the proximity and light sensors, some users even complained that screen rotation was being affected. BlackBerry today clarified that there’s nothing wrong with the BB10.2 update, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the hardware […]

BlackBerry 10 Devices Reportedly Suffering From Sensor Issues Post 10.2 Update [Updated]
If you own any of the BlackBerry 10 devices, like the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Z30, you might want to hold off on updating to BlackBerry OS 10.2. According to a smattering of reports, it seems that BlackBerry 10 devices that have updated to 10.2 are experiencing some bugs which appears to be affecting the sensors on their phones. These sensors include the light sensor, proximity sensor, and has even affected […]

BlackGram Is BlackBerry 10's Native Instagram App
While Instagram might finally be making its way onto Windows Phone, the same unfortunately cannot be said for BlackBerry users, at least until now. BlackGram for BlackBerry has been launched and it is the first native Instagram app for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Granted this is hardly the official app compared to what iOS, Android, a recently Windows Phone users will be enjoying, but we guess it’s a start and […]

Native Skype App For BlackBerry 10 Could Be On Its Way
Earlier this year it was revealed that Skype would be making its way onto BlackBerry 10 devices, which is good news especially since the BlackBerry 10 platform could use more big name apps. However the downside is that the app, at that time, turned out to be a port of the Android version of Skype. While there is nothing wrong with ports, the fact of the matter is that they […]

Viber For BlackBerry 10 Not Coming Anytime Soon
It is no secret that BlackBerry 10 is miles behind its competitors in the apps department, and the situation hasn’t drastically improved ever since the platform was first unveiled back in January this year. In June, Viber CEO had said that the official Viber for BlackBerry 10 app would be released alongside the BB OS 10.2 update. He said that both, the app and the update, would be released “hand-in-hand.” Though […]