Canon EOS 6D rumored for October launch

If you’re a photographer and you’re looking forward to Photokina, perhaps in hopes that Canon might have something interesting like a new DSLR to announce, you might be in for a disappointment. According to the folks at Northlight Images, it seems that if a full-frame DSLR camera is what you’re waiting for, you might have to wait until October. This camera is expected to be the EOS 6D that will look like the 7D, but is expected to sport a 22MP image sensor similar to that of the 5D MK III. Apart from that, not much else is known about the EOS 6D, assuming it even exists at all. Rumors are suggesting that it will share some of the 7D’s features, such as its 19 point AF system, Viewfinder LCD, metering and is speculated to be around the $2,000 mark at its introduction. Either way with Photokina taking place next month, we guess we will have to wait and see if these rumors pan out. Until then we suggest you take this with a grain of salt and be sure to check back us then for the details!

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