Exogear Exovolt Plus battery stacks up like pancakesxxAre you one who loves practical designs that are also pleasing to the eye at the same time? If you answered in the affirmative, then chances are pretty good you are a huge Ikea fan, not to mention having fallen in love with the Exovolt Plus battery from Exogear. What makes the Exovolt Plus so special from other battery packs? For starters, it is the world’s first stackable battery pack of its kind, carrying 5,200 mAh of juice within, and if that is not enough you can always pair it up (via stacking, of course) alongside a “Sub Battery” unit so that you end up with what some might dub as the ultimate portable charging station on earth.

Cost might prove to be the ultimate prohibitive entry point, especially when each extra stack will not come free but sold separately for nearly $50 a pop. Just make sure that you are able to afford the near $90 Exovolt Plus battery pack in the first place when it finally arrives in the market. Do you think that it will ever get as popular as pancakes for breakfast? [Product Page]

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